I led my team members to victory

As a coach one of the things that makes you happy is when you achieve your aims and objectives in whatsoever you might be doing or coaching. There are different categories of students but the ability to make them comes to together as one is not easy and also make them win as a team members.

A picture of me that was taken with a friend phone

Few days ago i make a Post of me serving my father land as a corp member and i talk about everything and why it's necessary to serve your father land click here to read about the post.

In a nutshell i was elected as the volleyball coach for the female volleyball team here in camp and since it's my field i welcome the offer, less i forget I'm in first Platoon that is platoon one and we have ten platoons here.. we are over one thousands members serving our father land both guys and female.

So here in the camp there's inter platoon competitions the female will play volleyball and the guys will play football, i make an announcement to all the female in my platoon that if anyone of them have interest i won't mind to teach them.

So i got 7 female players that have interest to represent us in the volleyball competitions and i called all of them to introduce each and everyone as i introduced myself first as their Coach while they all did too.

Since that's the first time i will be meeting them i asked of their background knowledge about volleyball 🏐 and i realized is just one person that knows how to play out of the 7th player so from there i realized that i have alot of work to do as we will be the second team playing.

I started the training from the beginning by doing simple exercises so they won't worn-out and then we move further i taught them how to serve, dig, and volley. And since the special area to know in volleyball to win still remain serve, dig, and volley. I took the lady among them that knows how to play to practice.

I started the training from volley i taught them how to place the hand and fingers strong and not to slap the ball while doing the volley. I let them understand that you can only volley a ball that is over your head while i moved further to dig how to joined the hand together and how to take a good stance for the digging, i make them understand the difference between digging and volley that is people who volley most stays in front and people who dig most of the time stays in the back since it's just an introduction i should not train them like a professional yet.

I moved further to service in volleyball and i just introduced one service to them which is called under arm serve i taught them how to take a better stance doing practical for them and holding the ball with just one hand and serving with the other hand taking a better stance for it.

A friend took a picture of me with his phone

After which i taught them and lots of practice for good two days, I'm so confident in them and on the day of the competitions i told them not to get scared when they are playing because practice is different from game situations as i talk to them about my experience in a nutshell we are competing with platoon two.

The first set was so nice and we played very well they first score was 25-12 we won with lots of points then we enter second sets and it was so tough we loose with
2 point 25-23 and now we are on tie it's getting late so the last game was just to 15 i called them all out and talk to them and i make a substitute of just one person since that's the only person we have on ground so the enter the game situation for the last round and to my surprised they all did very well and won with 8points gap 15-7 it's was a memorable day yesterday as we were given alot of gifts like money and so on all this was given to us after we done with the match

Althou the game is not done yet but we have qualify for the semi finals and that will be next week so i wish us well.

All the pictures on this post is either shot with my phone or my friend phone

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