Serving my father land

A journey of 100 miles started with just one step just like yesterday in 2013 when i got admission into college to study economics because i could not get admission straight into the university but then, after i became a college graduate in 2016 i waited for another admission to further my education in 2019 in the university i graduated as a certified human-kinetics i studied both the health and the fitness of human in summary.

A picture of me

I will say congratulations to myself as i was sworn in as a corp member two days ago, for a few days now i have been a lot busy and unable to blog because of my NYSC (national youth service corps) camp. One will be able to go for this after you are a certified graduate in any Nigeria accredited university it means you will be able to serve your father land.

A picture of me in camp

This is what i have been doing for days now that makes me so busy because in here we do not do things the way we like as we have to take orders for everything we needed to do we are under military officers that gives us order all the time till we finish our program. We need permission to eat, to sleep, they give time for everything and this will last for good 21 days before we go for the real one year service.

So far so good i have been doing alot of activities ever since i came in here

I joined the red-cross to safe lives
Since we are in a place that requires highly skilled physical fitness exercises there must be some people that must be ready to safe lives just in case some members collapse or anything happens that requires medical emergency during the exercise some of our duties is to move around all the time and make sure nothing bad happens to anyone and must be available in case anything bad happen to anyone, we have got first aid ⛑️ treatment and also given lectures and orientation on how to safe lives and since my discipline in school goes alongside with it i just decided to go fully into it.
So far so good i have safe more than four lives since I'm here , some fainted and some are ulcer patient.

A picture of me and my colleagues

I joined man o war getting there i realized how fun and interesting man o war is and since sport and fitness is my work i joined them and i was among the corp members that welcomed the governor of kwara state during the sworn in as i participated in different physical drill activities and also games and i sang to welcome the governor along with my colleagues.

This picture was taken with one of my friend phone

I have been doing well for the few days i have used here but i must say it's not easy in here taken orders from the military officers all the time , waking up by 4am for match pass and doing lots of different activities as i still have some weeks to use here but i hope and believe i will survive it just as my superior did.

I really appreciate those that took their time checking up on me from time to time and also my mentor who never stop calling me and checking my wellbeing @vickoly i say alot of thanks

Thanks so much for stopping by have a nice day ☺️.

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