Back for a second season!


Gooood day fellow football fans it has been a little while since I shared our soccer journey with you all and that was due to the season break but now we're back for another 20 sessions of training and match fixes.

This weekend was the first weekend back on the field and I was a little worried about how little miss would go. We've visited the club a few times over the break to practice and have a kick to retain those skills.

But as you might recall, previously little miss was struggling to retain a whole training session often walking off from the field or getting distracted. The coaches put in a lot of effort to keep her interested and they reassured me that it was quite normal.


I enrolled little miss quite early at the age of 4 and it wasn't my pushing but her asking to so I thought why not. There's another 4 year old girl who has also just started and she is showing similar signs as little miss and the parents were worried. It was good to connect with them and let them know that it is normal.

When I told them little miss was like that they didn't particularly believe me and to be honest I was shocked myself because little miss burst out onto the field as a 5 year old towering over all the other girls, longer legs meaning bigger strides she blew everyone away on the field with speed and once she had the ball, well let's just say there were a few other players left crying.


She started to pull back half way through training and I asked her what was wrong as she ran up to the barrier and she was afraid that the other kids won't like her because she's not letting them play.

One of the other parents responded and said that it was soccer and that his daughter needed to Learn and that she should keep going.


She got bored after a little while as no one could keep up with her as she ran up and down and scored. But that wasn't even the biggest issue of the day. We took little bloke and the first thing he did when he could stand was run straight for the soccer ball.


Let me tell you, he wasn't too happy out on the sidelines and wanted in on the action!


I took him on the otherside of the field and grabbed a ball to play kick to kick with him so he'd feel included. This was the first time we had spent this much time playing kick to kick. He is dedicated and wants to match his big sister on the field.


He was quite helpful on the side everytime a ball came across he would throw it back in or give it a kick which was pretty awesome! I really enjoyed watching him get in on the action and just like his big sister who is a keen soccer enthusiast he too is gearing up to play.

He still has two more years before he can join the little Legends program but I hope to enroll him as soon as he comes of age.

I'm still absolutely gob smacked how a few months since end of season, little Miss turning 5 and her development increasing how that has impacted her on the field. She's an absolute star and hope to fine tune her skills.

There's a women's A league I'd love to see her in.

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