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Hello hive friends...

Good evening, dear friends, wherever you are, hopefully on this occasion tonight we are all always in good health and not lacking anything, okay friends, for tonight's post I will return with a unique animal that is similar to a butterfly but this beautiful insect has a different body posture with a butterfly, if a butterfly has a rather large body size it is very much different from this insect which has a small posture and looks cute
This beautiful insect has a color that is enough to grab our attention, including the color contained in the body of this winged insect, namely black and one more color which adds to the brightness because it has been combined between two colors so that the color is more beautiful and attractive, namely the color orange. This unique winged insect is very beautiful with two colors of black and orange beautifully attached to its fine fur that is almost invisible
This winged insect is almost similar to a butterfly because this animal has two wings that are the same as those of a butterfly, but if we look at it, there are indeed many differences, one of which I noticed is that the way and style of flight is also very different from that of a butterfly.
And from my knowledge also if a butterfly is often found among the flowers that are blooming but not with this animal I only often get this animal just perching among the leaves, not on a flower, I have never even seen this animal among the flowers flowers, well friends, this is a little of my knowledge about a winged insect which is almost the same as a butterfly.









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