My 2021 Hive Highlight

A post with a "call to action" challenge was recently published by @guiltyparties, one of our trusted witnesses that works tirelessly to make the Hive blockchain better. He also does work to promote our blockchain outside of the ecosystem and connect us with exchanges and other services.

This challenge centers around writing a #hivehighlight post. No monetary funds are being offered as prizes, but good entries might be curated by the official @hiveio account! There are a few ground rules that must be followed, however, which you can read in his original post: Community Challenge: Name Your 2021 Hive Highlight!

An excerpt of that post follows:

"Write a blog post about your one main 2021 Hive Highlight. You may write about a contribution, a great day, an achievement, a new friend you met, your favorite purchase, an awesome trade, or anything else that's been a highlight in your year as long as it's Hive related."

HIVE graphic by me, free for use, no credit necessary, code below

So many cool things happened this year, it is difficult to select just one... 😬

● ● ●  My Highlight  ● ● ●

Probably the most exciting highlight of the year for me was when a project I co-founded celebrated its Third Anniversary! Founded in December of 2018, TheTerminal has been teaching the etiquette and workings of the blockchain to new users and has been answering questions for those new users as well as longtime users of Hive. We then assist people in finding communities where they can learn and grow. It has been a lot of work, but a very rewarding activity to help our fellow citizens of the ecosystem in this manner. Thanks to everyone who has supported us!

Thank you to @guiltyparties for giving us this opportunity!



HIVE graphic in this post by me, free for use, no credit necessary

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