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Hi there...

This one is a personal one... and I can't even go through 0.0001 % of it in a single post... there's simply... a LOT about this I could talk about.


I don't wish to take rewards from this... all I wish is to expose and ask for your good gesture. If you can help and share this, then that would mean the world to me.

Thank you!


Anyone can sign the petition

And that's just because, it represents an intention to ask a government to take action on something. Because a government represents the country, it has the responsibility to understand/evaluate if a petition needs to go forward into the next step.

Read more about New Zealand petitions at:

Can I petition Parliament?
Any individual or organisation can create a petition. You do not have to be of voting age, be enrolled, be in New Zealand, or even be a New Zealand citizen. If you want to start a petition on behalf of an organisation, you must be able to show that you have its permission.

Hence if anyone can create, anyone can vote.

To everyone out there...

Stay safe, love your ones, and be strong! Life is the most valuable thing you will ever have.

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