Teeth Terror

How can we whiten our smile on the dial?

Eat rainbows; brush, scrub, rinse, clean, floss your teeth; use whitening floss, trays, strips, pens, and straws. Your saliva can help rinse and clean out your teeth and mouth.

Rinse enough.

Brush, floss, rinse, after eating, sleeping.

Try garlic.

Naturally Restoring Teeth Enamel

Crystalline Calcium Phosphate Helps Enamels
How to remineralize your teeth

Regrowing Tooth Enamel

Hitler Nazi Germans Used Fluoride

Hitler put fluoride in the drinking water at concentration camps.
Avoid The Walking Dead Fluoride


Fundamentally, most of the problem comes from the inside-out. In other words, cavities, sickness, decay, comes from what we put into our body, mostly, generally, and that leaks out. It is better to start on the foundation of health.

Pocahontas Time

All the colors of the wind & rainbow.

Therefore, eat foods that contains all the colors of the rainbow, foods that are organic, complete, whole, raw, natural, from local farms. I'm eating from my mom's garden. It helps. It feels better to live on farms, in gardens, in the forest, in the country, over smart dumb cities lacking original oatmeal. All of this helps in so many ways. We can't really have great teeth if we don't also have great health as well.

Better health, better wealth, happy ealth.

Seek natural remedies, AKA, the food you eat.

Teeth Whitening Vitamins

Salt - Himalayan Salt
Vitamin B
Vitamin C
Vitamin D
Vitamin K

Teeth Whitening Food

Animal protein - for restoring enamel
Apple Cider Vinegar
Clay - kaolin clay
Coconut Oil
Cod liver oil
Colloidal Silver
Dairy products - for restoring enamel
Essential oils
Fruits - crunchy fruits
GARLIC - for reversing tooth decay
Guava leaves
Herbs - for restoring enamel
Hydrogen Peroxide
Lavender oil
Mineral-rich foods
Nuts - walnuts, almonds
Oil pulling
Orange peels
Parsley - for restoring enamel
Sesame seeds - for restoring enamel
Sunflower oil
Sweet potatoes
Tea - chamomile, green, lavender - for restoring enamel
Valerian Root

Teeth Whitening Choices

Pray, yoga, meditation, relax - but YOGA IS SATANIC
Sleep, nap


Avoid fluoride in your toothpaste.
Use soft bristle toothbrushes
I use Bamboo Salt Toothpaste in Vietnam


Clean out junk from between teeth, each tooth, around the gum, tongue.
Floss before it is too late.


Use whitening trays.


Use whitening strips.


Use whitening pens to draw out your perfect smile.

Drink From Straws

Teeth may stain from tobacco, coffee, tea, grape juice, soda, wine. You may want to use straws when drinking.

11 Mistakes You Make Brushing Your Teeth

Brush 30 minutes after eating.

Teeth Terror

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