Organ Donation Murder

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I had that sticker.

It was on my Oregon identification document (I.D.) card back in like 2004, June 21st, on a Monday, the day that I went to the DMV, just 3 days before going to my first college, WOLBI, in New York, where I flew in an airplane for the first time in my life. So, if we crashed, does that mean doctors would have taken out my heart without giving me enough time to recover, Nutri-Tree? According to the Anti-Corruption Society, I'd probably be dead, according to this article. Are terrorists coming over the borders? Do you want to have a private address, and is that why you don't mention it on Facebook? But you know they have it if you upload photos to Facebook via your phone as it has a GPS app preloaded, preinstalled, preactivated, and the microphones and cameras are usually controllable remotely, as well, you know? These type of questions are great to ask people.

Organ Donation Murder

Published in November of 2018 - By Oatmeal Joey Arnold - @JoeyArnoldVN
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2018-11-25 - Sunday - 08:46 PM LMS - Organ Donation Murder
Published at 09:59 PM Sunday


2018-11-25 - Sunday - 06:35 AM LMS JA - Dream WOLBI & ABC Colleges etc Return or Rejection & Mom & Karen Vacuum Mow Yard Carpet Chinaman's Our House

Was going to college. Was trying to go to college. Went back to like my first college, the Word Of Life Bible Institute in New York State (WOLBI NY). But was there for only a few days. Then was back home. Was trying to go back to WOLBI again or to other schools. I was thinking about my choices of schools to attend. In this dream, I felt like I was only at WOLBI for like a week or a small period of time like that.

Our home had a second floor or story that was a yard of like grass which my mom and her sister, Karen, was vacuuming. Mom had like a vacuum cleaner on like the grass. The edges of the yard, which was also like floor of the house, was like a cliff. Karen would help her if mom got stuck while vacuuming. I was kind of there to help a little but was slow. I was contemplating going back to school or whatever while they were cleaning like vacuuming, cutting grass, the carpet, whatever it was. I was thinking of flying back to school in a plane. But then was thinking of like taking a bus, a train, or something. There was like a shot-back vacuum that mom had. Plus, there was a normal vacuum as well. We ran into the normal vacuum or somehow it fell over off the cliff into like sticker bushes or something odd. I think maybe mom asked me to move the normal vacuum but bumped it over herself and I didn't have a chance to help but she maybe said thanks to me anyways. She continued vacuuming or whatever. Karen was behind her or around her the whole time helping. I was at like WOLBI at the beginning of the dream going around talking to people. For a second, it might have been ABC. But for the most part, I was like at WOLBI. I was trying to like go to the classes, talk to people and everything. Then was like home. Then was trying to go back.

Our home was like China Man Jack's yard, mostly. Maybe our house and yard thing was other things too combined with many things. But it was mostly like Jack's yard. I was there, at home at the end of the dream. I was floating or walking around but was trying to go back to school. Not sure if I had to stop school or if I was rejected and had to stop or what, in this dream. Maybe a combination of many things. Then woke up from that dream around 06:35 AM PST LMS JA.


2018-11-24 - Saturday - 06:50 AM PST Woof JA - Dream Salena Willner Sound

Was sitting next to Salena or Selena Willner. She was smiling bigly as she did during high school. She was flirting with me. I was trying not to flirt back but it was hard not to return the favor. She was sitting next to me with a short skirt, with her legs crossed. We were on computer chairs. That means chairs with wheels. Her legs were touching my legs or close enough. I was at the back of the table, she was on my right, at the corner, closest to me.

Salena asked if I heard the audio. I didn't because I didn't have an ear piece. I didn't have earphones or headphones. She gave me a pouty face. We were testing some audio equipment in this class or whatever it was. Some scientist like the big guy from Ben & Teller was talking. The bigger guy had like glasses. He talked about the science of listening to audio waves, to sound, directly, atom to atom, via special techniques which allows for an even more direct approach to getting the sound into our brains. He explained it and I was trying to listen but am not sure if I can explain it now.

Another like hot girl asked if I wanted to move to another table where there were earphones. Salena gave me that pouty sad dog face. It was like she didn't want me to leave. I probably liked this other girl too. I probably woke up from this dream before moving. But am not even sure if I was going to move or not. But I did want to listen to the audio with the other class. But on the other hand, I wanted to be near Salena as I did during high school.

In an earlier dream this morning, I was walking from Forest Grove to Cornelius to go to church. I was thinking of going to my normal church, the one I grew up going to. I was crossing the street to get closer to church. But there was another church near Fred Meyers. I was thinking of going there too. In real life, there is currently no church there. And there might have been other churches. I was thinking a lot about which churches to go to on which days and everything. I then went home or was walking either toward church or towards home or both. I ended up like at the Forest Grove Library & I started pondering how I got there, as that is not where I was trying to go. That's in the wrong direction. So, I got back out to walk the right direction. So, I did a lot of like walking and thinking about strategy in regards to how to get places and which churches to go to on which Sunday each week and so on and so forth. After that, I was with Salena in that like audio class or whatever it was as I already said, above.


2018-11-17 - Saturday - 08:00 AM PST LMS JA Dream Beauty Beta Flying

Was learning to fly again with the help of the Beauty & the Beta. They were talking to me via like walky talky. It was like I was in a video game & they were live streaming me. But I wasn't really in a game. So, they were like conferencing me. I flew too high over my hometown & made it over some cliffs and then started sliding down as I was no longer able to fly. Maybe lost my happy thoughts. Had some other dreams this morning in November, 2018, in Shelton, WA, but I'm forgetting them. This flying dream was the last thing I dreamnt. I've had dreams where I was flying before.

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