I'm Getting Ready Now For My Dialysis Yet Again


I just took my early morning shower, it is not that cold, I would like a hotter shower but we do not have any heater but I didn't have a hard time showering because it is already a hot and humid season and taking a bath in the wee hours of the morning will not give me the shivers anymore.

I also finished trying to forcefully eat my breakfast of one hard-boiled egg and a mayonnaise sandwich. I just have to eat at least with some protein and carbohydrates just before my session so that I won't get hungry while hooked-up for my dialysis.

It is just good to discover that my blood pressure doesn't crash down even though I am not eating at dialysis so now I am happy and confident that I will again get a good session and I just have to make sure that I did took my Caffeine capsules and energy drink just to support my BP.

Again I am just sad that my mother could not take my food at the treatment area even if she can be able to buy my favorite food because it is forbidden now. I just have to do it myself now if I wanted to eat. The nurses are not all that willing to feed me but one, they are different than the previous nurses that I had. I hope that one day I could have a much compassionate and kind nurses that what I have now.

Anyway again I am happy for this day that I will be once again cleaned by dialysis and I hope that one day I will never ever to get back to dialysis again if God wills it. To God be the glory.

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