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Yoga to keep body and mind healthy


The literal meaning of yoga is to add. Yoga is the union of the body and mind. It benefits both body and mind.

1. Yoga is beneficial

On hearing the name of yoga, people often come in different shapes to get the pictures of different sizes. But in reality it is not so. The literal meaning of yoga is to add. Yoga is the union of the body and mind. It benefits both body and mind. It reduces blood pressure, regulates cholesterol and also relaxes you with excess fat. With this Yoga provides you with mental peace.

2. peace of mind

The role of motion of breath in yoga is very important. Yoga helps in making the right balance between the two parts of the brain through control of breath. With this, a person can do many things better.

3. Yoga in pregnancy

Pregnant women should do daily yoga. Yoga helps in making your muscles flexible by eliminating fatigue and stress. Along with this, it also provides relief from common problems of pregnancy such as insomnia, waist, and pain in the legs. Yoga improves your body's blood circulation and improves digestive tract. However, if you want to do yoga during pregnancy, then consult your doctor once for sure.

4. Improve blood circulation

Breath-like techniques like yoga and pranayam help in making blood circulation smooth in your body. If there is a better circulation in your body, then oxygen reaches easily to the body parts and they work better and your skin also keeps on blooming.

5. Complete Healthy Yoga

A person can be called healthy only when there is a right balance between his body and mind. Yoga helps you achieve this position. Yoga will remove you from many diseases as well as communicate the energy, energy and happiness within you.

6. Reduce obesity

Yoga helps in reducing excess fat deposited on your body, especially on the stomach. Boating, excitement and cranches help to keep your stomach flat. The combination of yoga and correct diet can tone your stomach. But, only flat tummy can not be achieved through yoga or exercise, for this, you have to make necessary changes in your diet.

7. Better heart beat

Yoga takes full care of your heart beat. In many yoga postures, breathing has to be stopped for a while. Such asanas prove to be beneficial in keeping the heart fit. Yoga does not accumulate blood clots in the arteries, and your heart keeps working better for a long time.

8. Run away

Yoga makes you stronger by increasing flexibility in the body. Yoga also helps in relieving joints and back pain. Those people who spend a lot of time sitting on the chair should do yoga. This reduces the excess pressure and stress on the spinal cord. Also, it can get relief from pain.

9. Make balance

You may be injured due to the wrong methods of getting up and running. Even after falling abruptly, fracture, pain in the back, etc. may not be true for physical balance. Yoga prevents you from this problem.

10. Reduce stress

If you incorporate yoga in your everyday life, then in a few days you will feel yourself feeling stress free. If the stress will be overcome then your life will bring happiness and peace and your ability to work will increase.

11. Body flexibility

Yoga brings strength and flexibility in the body; Yoga keeps the body balanced. Increased work capacity from balanced and elastic body. Some yoga postures also make body bones healthy and strong.
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