Week 15 Response -- Coercion vs. Free-will

This post is a response to the question ["Is it morally okay to ever use coercion?"] (@hattiehughs14/week-15-questions-under-what) posed by @hattiehughs14. Honestly in my opinion, I think that it is not really ever morally right to use coercion on people. I think that we were given free will and we should therefore be able to use that and make our own self judgement to make decisions. I think that the best morally right situation is to provide information accurately and honestly and then allow people to make decisions on their own. I think that this is the best situation for many reasons, such as liability and also allowing people to make decisions for themselves. I think that liability is an issue when it comes to coercion because it creates a sort of gray area where the line is blurred between force and self-decisions, and therefore someone/business can be blamed and accused of using force and not allowing for consumer to be able to make decisions for themselves. I also think that the ability to chose and decide for oneself creates a greater appreciation and love for a product and/or company, and therefore makes self decisions more valuable for a company. There is another gray area in the topic of coercion when discussing what is for the greater good of people. I think that in this sense, one would think that coercion and almost force should be used in order to protect and help others for the greater good, but I still think that the best choice in this situation is to allow people to make their own decisions. I am a believer in tough love almost, where I think that people should be allowed to make mistakes for themselves in order to learn and grow as people. I think that coercing and forcing people to do the "good" and "safe" thing sort of babies them, and therefore doesn't allow them to figure anything out on their own. I think that force or coercion in any situation are not morally okay or should be used by anyone.
Coercion in Businesses

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