Genealogy: William de Radclyffe (1164-1220)

I'm experimenting with posting some random bits of my genealogy research here with the goal of eventually creating a linked family tree on Hive. You can see the index here.

This is yet another individual that is far enough back that the only way you'll find him in a family tree is if there is a royal relationship somewhere. I can tell from my family tree structure that this person is a direct ancestor through my great-great-grandfather's mother on my father's side. Not sure exactly how many generations back as I am too lazy to try to count and the Gramps relationship calculator doesn't seem to want to do more than about 27 generations or so without hanging. Anyway, other than dates, I haven't collected a whole lot of info on William de Ratclyffe except to note that he was High Sheriff of Lancaster.

I use GenoPro to maintain my family tree but I use other programs to generate reports/web pages. Gramps is open source software for Windows, Linux and MacOS that I have been using to generate static HTML reports and is what the info you see below is based on. I also use its relationship calculator functionality as noted above. I've also been exploring GedSite, a program that takes a gedcom file and converts it into html, and The Next Generation of Genealogy Sitebuilding which is web based and requires a setup with a web server, PHP and mySQL. Mostly I've been playing around with TNG which is excellent but I'll get back to GedSite eventually.

I actually like TNG enough that I have contemplated just using that as my only reporting software. However, there are a few reasons why I probably won't. First, it's "closed source" commercial software whereas Gramps is open source. Second, Gramps generates pure HTML/Javascript so that it is easy to copy and move around whereas TNG relies on having a database and web server. Finally, it's easier to extract data out of for adding here, for example. While I have been using GenoPro and Gramps for many years, I've only started using TNG and GedSite within the last year or so. I kind of want to get back to exploring GedSite more but it's such a pain to shift gears like that...

The chart at the top is an ancestry chart out to four generations from Gramps. The chart at the bottom is a descendancy chart out to four generations as produced by TNG. The index of all individuals I have posted so far can be found here.

The Skaggs-Files

de Radclyffe, William 1a

Birth Name de Radclyffe, William
Gender male
Age at Death 56 years


Event Date Place Description Sources
Birth 1164 Radcliffe, Lancashire, England   2
Death 1220 Radcliffe, Lancashire, England   2

Age: 56y


Relation to main person Name Birth date Death date Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father de Radclyffe, Henry11441190
    Brother     de Radclyffe, Richard 1162
         de Radclyffe, William 1164 1220
    Brother     de Radclyffe, John 1166


Family of de Radclyffe, William and de Montbegon, Cecilia

Unknown Partner de Montbegon, Cecilia ( * 1165 + ... )
Name Birth Date Death Date
de Radclyffe, Adam1188
de Radclyffe, Geoffrey1190
de Radclyffe, Hugh1192

Source References

  1. Michael Neuman: @ RootsWeb Caldwell and related families
      • Source text:

        ID: I027206
        Name: William de Radclyffe , High Sheriff of Lancaster 1
        Sex: M
        Birth: 1164 in Radcliffe, Lancashire, England 1
        Death: 1220 in Radcliffe, Lancashire, England 1

        Father: Henry de Radclyffe b: ABT 1144 in Radcliffe, Lancashire, England

        Marriage 1 Cecilia de Montbegon b: ABT 1165 in Hornby Castle, Lancaster, Lancashire, England
        Adam de Radclyffe b: 1188 in Radcliffe, Lancashire, England
        Geoffrey de Radclyffe b: ABT 1190 in Radcliffe, Lancashire, England
        Hugh de Radclyffe b: ABT 1192 in Radcliffe, Lancashire, England

        Title: robert de radclyffe.ged
        Media: Other
        Text: Date of Import: 23 Mar 2005


      • Citation:

  2. Michael Neuman: @ RootsWeb Caldwell and related families

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