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Though we at Rhema Games understand the need for centralized control for many aspects of a project, we believe in a more decentralized future. With the funding of Hive Gaming Services, we intend to build out the tools and services needed to create an entertaining experience that rewards both the users and the server admins who host the game. We plan on going in depth with the points below in the coming months, but for right now these are the planned features for Angular Velocity:

Decentralized ESports

  • Servers can become "clubs" that update user standings.
  • Players can gain rank and rewards on any server that is an official club.
  • Regional clubs are based on server location.
  • Rewards for server admins are based on popularity.
  • Custom stadiums will have admin-controlled special features (banners, ads, etc).


  • Hive engine based token for internal currency for NFTs and Hive exclusives
  • Fiat purchasable currency (not exchangeable unless laws allow) for standard DLC
  • Internal play to earn token for non-exclusive content, a-la unlockables (has no real world value)
  • Standard DLC ships
  • NFT exclusive ships

Player Side

  • Community-created NFT ships and bits/bobbles that can be allowed in official events after verification
  • Ship Yard tool for creating ships

More About the Game

Screenshot from 2023-10-11 08-28-51.png

Angular Velocity is a competitive vehicular "future sport" where two teams battle for control of a disc that is hurled at great speeds towards the opposing side's goal. Mixing aspects of basketball and Ultimate Frisbee, Angular Velocity has the potential to be the next esports hit.

Screenshot from 2023-10-11 08-29-17.png

Though still in early stages of development, we already have most of the game play mechanics fleshed out, as well as local multiplayer. With the funding from the DHF and the support of the community, we plan on having a fully working demo by this time next year if not sooner. If you're curious about the work already accomplished, check out the handy links below.

Dev post 1

Dev post 2

Dev post 3


Our Current Proposal

Hive Gaming Services aims to not only make integrating Hive into your next game project possible, but also decrease the overhead of creating games and applications. If that is something you're into, or if you see the benefit of initiatives like it, give us a like and a follow!

Vote for the proposal HERE

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