Angular Velocity: Weekly update 09/09/23


This week in AV:

Small changes in a lot of places, but very few are showy. Still I said I'd do weekly reports so here we are!


Because everyone likes pretty pictures


Nothing much to report in the visual section. The biggest change was the rework of how we handle ship data and finding out that Godot's insistence on being efficient causes some funny results. Next week I should have more to show, but as a teaser we now have:

  • Per user UI displays: This keep visuals that are meant for one player to only show up for that player.
  • Fixed Split-screen Multiplayer: We had a good looking and functional multiplayer that broke at some point, now its back
  • UIs will soon match the ship: In our design spec we wanted to have each ships UI to reflect the ships origin. This should lead to a much more cohesive look when we get further along.


As mentioned previously, there were a lot of small changes that will enable us to move quicker in the future. We have also started on a network-design document that will detail the in and outs of our backend. I'll be sharing that document in the near future in the hopes that it will become a basis for other projects looking to "Live on passed the original development."


We continue to push and build. With a little luck this week I should be able to provide videos and screenshots, but life is busy and sometimes it just gets in the way.

As always feel free to ask questions or make suggestions in the comments.

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