@lenasveganliving's Fruits & Veggies Monday #22 - "Toddler Stew!"

Sometimes it's quite tricky to get a wide variety of nutrients into your toddler's belly... that's why stew is such a great option.  You can put ever so many ingredients into it, and it can be a lot easier than trying to get them eating veggies as they come.  

You know what toddlers can be like... it could be the colour or shape or texture that's all wrong and they won't take it, and us poor exasperated parents have no idea what specificially is the cause of the tantrum!  You want it mashed?  You want it on a yellow plate?  A blue plate?  In a bowl?  The carrots are touching the peas when they should be separate?  WHAT'S WRONG WITH IT?!!!!  ARGHHH!!!! 

So, stews, soups, smoothies, curries, all these good 'saucey' dishes are an excellent solution!

Just chop the veggies much smaller than you would for an adult stew... and if some of the veggies are sweet, such as squash, sweet potato, parsnip, then I find that usually a toddler will eat it no bother.  I find a very 'earthy' stew is less likely to be gobbled down by these young 'uns!

You can even use things like apples and plums, or whatever you have.  No laws saying fruits can't be put in stews!

I also try to get some spices and herbs in as well... If you introduce children to a wide variety of tastes in their early years, they are less inclined to fussiness later on in life.  Plus they get all the benefits of these good things into their bodies, boosting immune system, and generally aiding development in all kinds of ways (circulation, organ function, eyesight, etc etc).  Do not underestimate the power of medicinal plants!!!  Here I put in some fresh ginger and chilli... yum yum yum.  Perfect for these chilly Irish days, and my boy loves a good bit of spice!

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And many thanks to everyone reading and supporting, otherwise we'd all be wasting our time posting these things!  

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