Flavored Jelly- A Simple Dessert That You Can Sell

My older sister found a new source of income that she included to sell in her small “sari-sari” store. She said she got the idea from a video. I helped her one time so I learned how to make this delicious yet affordable dessert.

Notice that I included the price of the ingredients and things that we used.


1.5 liters of water
1/4 kilo of refined white sugar———————————-13php
1 pack or 25 grams powdered base jelly or gulaman—-13php
410 ml evaporated milk—————————————-25php
20 Cups ————————————————————20php


On a casserole, mix well first the powdered gulaman and sugar. The flavor we used here is orange.

Add the water and stir until the granules is dissolved. Take note that the lesser the water, the firmer the jelly. We just followed what’s written on the packaging

Now, turn on the heat into low/ medium then stir constantly until it boils

**Let it cool for couple of minutes. Transfer the half of mixture into a pitcher, let’s say about 750ml to 800ml then slowly pour into mold or small disposable cups like these.


It’s up to you what design you prefer. Here, we did slanting. We laid the small plastic cups into the egg tray.

Pour also a little amount into a separate container like this one. Save it for the toppings later. Let cool and set.


^Meanwhile, proceed in making the other half. For the remaining mixture, turn on the heat again into medium then add the milk*

Same procedure, stir constantly until it boils.

Once it boils, remove from heat the let it cool for few minutes.

Transfer to pitcher so you can pour it easily and slowly. But first, make sure that the first poured jelly is already firm

Let it cool again to set


For the finishing touch, put the reserved and sliced jellies on top


Place on the fridge and chill

There, it’s so easy to make and the ingredients is just minimal and not pricey. Perfect for those who wants to start a business.

My sister is selling this here in our area for only ₱8. This recipe makes 20 pieces or servings. Maybe, as of now you’re doing the computation if how much she’s earning from it hehe. She already sold different flavors of this.

Pandan/ Coffee/ Strawberry

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