Indian Style Jackfruit Curry (vegan)

Jackfruit Curry

Dear Steemians. Time to post another food recipe. In an asian store I came across some jackfruit and suddenly so many different ways to cook jackfruit just flashed through my mind.


Barbecue on a grill, oven or even making seitan (wheat gluten) mixed with pieces of jackfruit. These are so much better when you make them yourself than buying readymade flavored jackfruit or seitan. Cooking both in a fond is common. When making them yourself you can do it with garlic in a red wine fond with vegetable stock or umami paste or just add a good soy sauce. How you flavour it really depends on the type of cuisine and your culinary preference. You can add your own richness in spices and make it Mediterranean, Asiatic, Oriental, Mexican etc. The longer you can cook it on slow fire, the better the taste. In case of seitan i suggest buying seitan flour(vital wheat gluten). You can already flavor the dough with spices and sauces while kneading according to your preference. I add yeast to my seitan doughs.


When cooking a curry sauce with jackfruit, it’s nice to cook the sauce first and then add the precooked jackfruit. Even frying precooked jackfruit in a bit of oil prior to adding them to a sauce, can make a difference. As you prefer. Recently I started to avoid heating oils and add them later on if i can.


Although i really enjoy adding at least one additional ingredient for taste. Either some pulses like beans or lentils; Some mushrooms like porcini or oyster mushrooms. Also enjoy either of the following: eggplant puree, green peas, bell peppers, broccolis or pak choi to a jackfruit curry. This goes for Vietnamese, Thai and Indian curry’s. A combination of one of the pulses, one of the mushrooms and one of the veggies i mentioned is great. To top it with a fresh herbs of your preference is also a suggestion. Making a dry tomato puree with a bit of basil, olive oil, cashews, red bell peppers and some vinegar and adding lots of oregano giving it a mediterranean twist is also really delicious. This is a great sauce for oven backed jackfruit. I just add salt and some Spanish smoked paprika powder and black pepper while its baking in the oven.



  • Fresh Turmeric Root (max 1 cubic cm/ half a cubic inch)
  • Fresh Ginger
  • 5 - 6 Cloves of Garlic
  • Onion
  • 400 Grams of Jackfruit
  • 2-4 tomatoes or 200 grams of skinned tomatoes
  • 250ml of Coconut Milk/Cream
  • Basmati Rice
  • Turmeric powder
  • Salt
  • Black Pepper
  • 2 small green chilis or 1 habanero
  • Madras Curry
  • Oyster mushrooms
  • Extra virgin olive oil


Add 1 liter or water and the jackfruit to a pan. Add soy sauce and vegetable stock and spice as you please. Cut 2 cloves of garlic and add it. Cook on slow fire.

Take a second pan and add pealed and chopped tomatoes and one cup of water and start coking. Peal and cut turmeric, 3-4 cloves of garlic, ginger and onions. Cut green chili or habanero. Slowly add onions, then garlic, ginger and fresh cut turmeric to the cooking tomato sauce. Cook for a while on slow fire (min 45min). Add the green chili or habanero at halftime. Add some extra virgin olive oil.

Cook basmati rice with turmeric powder. Only the edge of a tea spoon of turmeric to give the rice some color.

Take a frying pan and add the oyster mushrooms. Once heated, add some extra virgin olive oil. When frying make sure you add the 1 cut clove of garlic when the mushrooms start shrinking. Lower the fire to the least and add some salt and black pepper. Remember to serve when hot.

When your tomato sauce has thickened you can add it to the jackfruit.

When both jackfruit and tomato sauce are combined, add coconut milk/cream, black pepper and madras curry.

Now serve rice, sauce and oyster mushrooms as you please. Enjoy your meal.

[Here again are some of the amazing people that I follow and that inspire me on Steemit : @artzone, @frankcapital, @piotrgrafik, @agnikana @manisha.jain9, @aishwarya, @glenalbrethsen, @inu-jim, @andrianna, @dailysketches, @sultan-aceh, @arthurgain, @jenina619, @kurokikuro, @marya77, @roveana, @ferjart, @iansart, @juliocesardraw @alkor, @abrahmatan, @scrawly, @vermillionfox, @nastyakrasotka, @inber, @juliakponsford, @marcocosta, @oscurocactus, @teungkumerdu, @gclipse, @greencross, @homeartpictures, @imealien, @inesafreedom, @larriji, @li-art, @marcusmalone, @maxer27, @mrwalt, @nanocheeze, @natha93, @dobartim, @nonstop, @chbartist, @nupulse, @orhansarikaya, @qst, @ran.koree, @raah, @reconnectnature, @rezalhok, @originalworks, @mediaworks, @rushitan, @sagittarius, @scottcbusiness, @scottychams, @sohailahmed, @space-man, @tammyp, @tecca, @tayer, @tonygreene113, @treeky, @webresultat, @wentong-syhhae, @yumm, @nathanmars, @unterwegs, @adrianna, @amy-goodrich, @metametheus, @oendertuerk, @daltono, @firepower, @heiditravels, @exyle, @francisftlp, @thepollengardens, @alexaventuria, @elenasteem, @yetaras, @kennyskitchen, @chireerocks, @walkerland, @majes.tytyty, @marcocosta, @pinkspectre, @honeydue, @nmalove, @eco-alex]

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