FlaminGirl's recipes! #117 - Vegan pizza with avocado pesto

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Today I bring you a delicious recipe based on a vegan pizza where the star ingredient will be avocado with it we will make a pesto sauce, if you like the power of the flavors, avocado is simply fabulous when it comes to making different types of recipes. What we will basically do is exclude the tomato that commonly serves as a base for any type of pizza. In addition, it is a vegan recipe so we will not use the traditional pizza ingredients that are par excellence of animal origin. Join me in preparing this delicious recipe.




(for 4 small pizzas portions):


♡ 2 1/2 cups wheat flour

♡ 1 cup of warm water

♡ 1 tablespoon instant yeast

♡ 1 tablespoon olive oil

♡ 1 teaspoon salt

♡ 1 tablespoon sugar

Avocado pesto:

♡ 1/2 cup Pesto Sauce

♡ 1 ripe avocado


♡ Spinach

♡ Mushrooms to taste

♡ Dehydrated tomatoes to taste

♡ Vegan Cheese

♡ Fresh basil leaves


Preparation time: 20min

Cooking time: 20min

Total: 40min

Our first step will be to prepare the pizza dough, we will use flour, salt, and sugar that we will place in a big bowl, then we will place the instantaneous yeast, we will be mixing all the ingredient so that the water that we use is of little by little until achieving our more, the last step will be to add the corresponding oil. I recommend you knead for a period of 10 minutes so that the dough is well mixed. To avoid sticking to the table use a little flour. When it is ready we will leave to rest in the same bowl where we began to prepare the dough, leave it covered and rest for a lapse of 1 hour.


Some recommendations for those people who do not usually make pizza, to get the classic shape of pizza we must extend the dough on a flat surface helping us with flour, because the dough itself is posted, you also need a roller to achieve flatten as much as you can the dough, the action of the yeast will make that when this cooked dough is inflated, so you must leave a dough thin enough as ½ centimeter. Although I will also leave the freedom to use the thickness of dough that suits you best. If you have grids, use them to make the preparation, if you don't have them at hand, you can use an aluminum tray.

For avocado pesto:

Now we will prepare the pesto, which you can do while the dough rests and acts yeast.

The first step will be to wash very well the avocado that we will use, remember to wash very well the vegetables. With the help of a blender we will process the sauce, we will add 1 ripe avocado in the glass of the blender it is not necessary that you take care chopping the avocado, then it places the 1/2 cup of sauce of pesto, and we proceed to liquefy, when this well mixed both parts, we reserved.


Now as I mentioned at the beginning we exclude the traditional tomato for the avocado so we will use the sauce of pes mas avocado to put a layer of pesto sauce, then a layer of spinach, then dehydrated tomatoes, and finally rich mushrooms and finally vegan cheese. As decoration and add more body to the flavor of the pizza ends by placing some fresh basil leaves.


Well now as we have our pizza armed we will proceed to preheat the oven to about 350 degrees F, the time of baking is difficult to calculate, since not all ovens work the same, I recommend you ovens for a lapse of 6 minutes and check if this list, at most you can add 3 minutes more. It is important that you never take your eyes off the oven.


I let you try this recipe and tell me what you think! ;)

Benefits of basil


Thank you for reading 😊


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