I made a Steak and it's tasty

I've been on a real long break from animal products but today is different. I felt like I could just eat about anything so I treated myself to an overpriced slice of bovine delight. I seasoned it oh so specially with a blend of super secret herbs and spices and slowly cooked it in a bit of (IRISH BUTTER).

neckbeardfedoracryptodude.gif *giphy

The trick at least for me is to flame it late to get a nice juicy crust before devouring it and then having it come out about the same color as coming in. Culinary snobs beware!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can cook. It just seems boring to post recipes so I write this as a cautionary tale that you too may start looking at things and wondering how much non plant type nutrients you can ingest. Now I shall go and flog myself for sinning. Peace, Love and Steak!

Bye, don't forget to be at least sorta civil to each other and remember that going outside every once in a while is a good thing. :)


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