The ink well fiction prompt#12/Jasmine's short break.


Jasmine woke up early as the shout from the children outsude did that, whats the excitement all about Jasmine asked her self, but the sun reflected her eyes as she was trying to get up from her bed.
But then Jasmine was not happy considering that she will be missing something for a period of time. I hate this season it makes me uncomfortable, little work and you are already sweating profusely Jasmine grumble as mummy was down stairs calling to her, you are almost late for school.
It feels like staying indoors all day but then Jasmine have to go to school, so she made her way straight to the bath room and this time around it was a cool bath as the day is already hot compare to the winter season where you wilk need a very hot water to take your bath due to the atmospheric condition.
Mum please serve me my break fast Jasmine called on her mum but please make the tea a cold one as i wouldn't want to sweating as a result of taking some sort of hot tea.
Ok Jasmine's mum answered from the kitchen.
After the break fast Jasmine made her way down to school on a bicycle, it was not all that easy as the sun wasn't friendly. She rode down the lane with mich annoyance, i hate to see grasses she lamented.

Jasmine got to school with her uniform almost soaked up with sweat.
What a Terrible season, is this how we will continue for the next 3 months? Jasmine asked her self.
As she made her way to the class how will i be able to concentrate in class considering this hash weather. But then it occurred to her that will just be for a while then another winter season will come again.
But then the summer season is the best to other children in my class Jasmine said to her self.
This season is the season where you get to see the beautiful nature of the earth the water when there is no ice formed on it, the green plant when the snow doesn't drop on them and other amazing creatures like Butterfly even animals that are kept indoors during the winter season to be protect from cold are let out to enjoy the brightness of the season.

But to me Jasmine it happen to be the worst season as i prefer the winter season to the summer.
Everyone will be wondering why but the simple reason is beacause i love skating and this can't be done during the summer season.
Soon school was over then i rode my bicycle back to the house and the sun was even hotter than it was that morning when i rode to school.
Not quite long i reached home as i paddled the bicycle with all strength and as fast as i can.

I walked straight into my room kept my bag and straight into the shower where i had a cool bath to calm my nerves down.
Not quite long mum walked in and asked how was school today but my reply was the opposite of what she expected to hear.
Why did you say that mum asked, i couldn't concentrate in class the sun is too hot, I hate this season. How i wish i could change it, but mum only curdled me and said it's just for a while baby, soon you will get back to skating as she knew exactly what my problem is.
Thanks mum i replied with a smile on my face.

Waiting forr my favourite season to come again.

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