I am a Virgin


When Mary got scholarship to college, it was an answered prayer for her. She lost her parents when she was young and her grandmother was too old to pay for her tuitions. It was one of the regular customers at the coffee shop where she worked that sponsored her scholarship. She became indebted to him and dreamt of paying him back one day.

They have maintained a good relationship, he was like the brother, uncle or father that she didn’t have. It was a night towards her final year that Carlos called Mary, he wanted her to come see him. He sounded so disturbed, she didn’t bulge.

”Annalise, I need to go see Carlos. He sounded so disturbed when he called. I hope it is not a big deal, I feel so disturbed.” Mary declared to her roommate as she left campus. The Uber driver from Carlos took her straight to his house, it was her first time there and she was amazed how beautiful his home was.

As soon as the driver dropped her off, he opened the front door. Mary was shocked at the sight of him, he looked so drunk and unkempt. He smiled as she walked towards him and hugged her tight.

”Welcome to my lovely abode.” He bowed as she walked inside. She was more amazed at the interior of the house but had to snap out of that for a minute.

”What’s wrong with you Mr. Carlos? You look different and troubled.” He held her hand and walked her to the living room.

”What can I offer you? I have soda, whiskey……”

”I am fine. I don’t take alcohol and it is too late for me to take something. I was about to sleep when your call came in.” She cut in. She was curious to know what was going on with him. She remembered the moment she first saw him at the coffee shop, she crushed a little at the sight of him. Even though the crush was gone, she still cared so much about him. He has been so good to her. She stood up and held his hands, her sight interrupted his thoughts.

”My wife left me, she has taken the kids too and I feel so useless. My life is ruined, I feel so lonely and depressed.” Tears came down his face, she couldn’t bear the sight. She used her handkerchief to clean his face. The smell of alcohol was strong all over him but she didn’t care at that moment. He moved his head and rested it on her chest, she stroke his head as he cried bitterly.

”Calm down Mr. Carlos, you will be fine. I believe………” Before she could finish the sentence, he leaned to kiss her. She was shocked to her bones as his lips brushed hers. It was the feel of his tongue that brought her into consciousness, she quickly lean back.

She stood up quickly, her body was shaking terribly. He covered his face for a moment but was not done with his mischief. He stood up and tried to hold her arms, she held back from him. She quickly picked her phone and put at the back of her jeans.

”I am ready to go now, I believe you will be fine in the morning. Good night.” She walked fast to the door and as soon as she tried to open, a stronger force grabbed her hair and dragged. Carlos’s face has changed to a mix of fury and hell. He hit the back of her head, she went numb. Tears subconsciously came down her eyes. She wanted to plead but her strength was gone and the pain was deep. He lifted her off the ground and slammed her on the couch, she gained consciousness.

”Please don’t do this to me. I trust you, I am a virgin.” She pleaded. The sound of her sexuality spurred him on. This wasn’t his first time; it has become an addiction. He tied her hands above her head and smooched her briefly. She was too weak to resist him, she closed her eyes as tears kept rushing down her face. He slowly undressed her to his delight. She screamed loudly but he almost smacked her and gauged her with her handkerchief. He ranted about his good deeds and how undeserving she was,

He stripped and watched her wriggle in pain, his face was still solid with fury and her thoughts were filled with betrayal. He wanted to kiss her forehead but she turned away, he laughed out and smacked her forehead. He climbed on her and tried to force himself. He felt a tap on his shoulder and turned.


”You remember me?” Annalise hit the bat across his face. He rolled off Mary and became unconscious flat and naked on the floor. Mary finally opened her eyes and was extremely happy to see her roommate but the pain came in sharp. Annalise untied her and consoled her.

”How? How?...” She kept asking Annalise. She was curious how she was able to find her.

_”He was the bastard that raped me years ago.” A sudden rage crept through her body as the memory played in her head. ”You butt dialed me and I recognized his voice and your cry for help. Find-my-phone did the rest.” She explained. Mary took out her phone from the back of her jeans, she looked at it like her messiah. They hugged as the police siren approached the house.

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