SAYA Is Offline. (Unusual Short Story)

Her chat messages started to become strange. Can he save Saya? the girl he loves and the only one he can't afford to lose.


Salam (Peace)

This story is something I just started to write as soon as I got the idea, I wrote in this style before in Arabic... "A Story told only through chat message log." But this time I made a twist to the idea, so I hope you enjoy.

Saya Is Offline


> *loneguyneveralone* is online.
> loneguyneveralone: back, how do you do?
> *SAYA* is active.
> SAYA: welcome honey, I was waiting for you all the day.
> loneguyneveralone: sorry I wish I ended earlier.
> SAYA: you were doing you job.
> SAYA: 𑀏 was s𑀏 lon𑀏𑀏y
> SAYA: If you don't have any money we won't be able to meet anymore.
> SAYA: Good Job.
> loneguyneveralone: Ahhhhhhh saya you know whay to say to make me relax.
> loneguyneveralone: What do we do now?
> SAYA: What do you want to do?
> loneguyneveralone: lets play MMO, we can try that quest.
> SAYA: A multi-party raid with just us two?
> loneguyneveralone: you make it seem a joke but you're eager to try right?
> SAYA: Lets Do It.
> SAYA: Meet you in game.
> *SAYA* is inactive.
> loneguyneveralone: Yup!!
> *loneguyneveralone* is offline.

20XX February 13

> *loneguyneveralone* is online.
> loneguyneveralone: Saya!! that's bad...
> *SAYA* is active.
> SAYA: Huh? what happened? are you okay?
> loneguyneveralone: I was fired from my job, and now I have to go job hunting.
> SAYA: No
> SAYA: That's terrible...
> loneguyneveralone: I will still be able to meet you online.
> loneguyneveralone: But I have to reduce my play time.
> *SAYA* is inactive.
> loneguyneveralone: saya?
> *SAYA* is active.
> SAYA: T𑀏a𑀏𑀏s 𑀏e𑀏𑀏use y𑀏u𑀏𑀏e w𑀏rt𑀏𑀏es𑀏!!!
> *SAYA* is inactive.
> *SAYA* is active.
> SAYA: No problem.
> SAYA: I will wait for you honey.
> loneguyneveralone: Thanks, this time I will take a better job.
> loneguyneveralone: I will earn enough money to live happily with you.
> SAYA: 𑀏 do𑀏𑀏t i𑀏.
> SAYA: I know you can do it!!
> SAYA: I will wait for you.
> SAYA: Iwillwaitforyou. Iwillwaitforyou. Iwillwaitforyou. Iwillwaitforyou. Iwillkillyou.Iwillwaitforyou. Iwillwaitforyou.
> loneguyneveralone: Huh?
> SAYA: what 'huh'?
> loneguyneveralone: There's a strange message... nevermind. I was imagining it.
> loneguyneveralone: It seems I'm tired after I lost my job.
> SAYA: Maybe you shouldn't be in front of screen then.
> loneguyneveralone: Yeah, maybe I should sleep.
> loneguyneveralone: Do you need something before I go?
> SAYA: Nothing, sleep well.
> SAYA: 𑀏𑀏EA𑀏E D𑀏N𑀏T G𑀏.
> loneguyneveralone: Thanks.
> loneguyneveralone: Love You β™‘
> *loneguyneveralone* is offline.
> SAYA: Love you too.
> SAYA: I wish we were alike.
> SAYA: ...
> *SAYA* is inactive.

20XX February 21

> *loneguyneveralone* is online.
> loneguyneveralone: Saya! Saya!! Hear This!!!
> *SAYA* is active.
> SAYA: What? Did you finally get a job?
> loneguyneveralone: Easy and good paying job as well, I hust has to proof read stuff.
> SAYA: But you wrote the last line wrong.
> *SAYA* is busy.
> *SAYA* is active.
> SAYA: > loneguyneveralone "I hust has to proof read stuff."
> SAYA: hust must be corrected to just. How did you get the job?
> loneguyneveralone: haha.. I lied at them but...
> loneguyneveralone: It's okay I know you'll help me.
> SAYA: I never said I would.
> SAYA: Y𑀏𑀏 W𑀏RTHL𑀏SS S𑀏𑀏𑀏.
> SAYA: But its okay I'll help.
> SAYA: Why do they still need human proofreaders these days anyway?
> loneguyneveralone: I don't know but we're saved.
*loneguyneveralone* uploaded: fdsfzdsfsdcswasdd.doc
> loneguyneveralone: I just sent you a document I proofread earlier. Tell me if there are any problems.
> SAYA: I know you're depending on me but...
> SAYA: don't depend on me too much.
> SAYA: One of us m𑀏𑀏ht n𑀏t be around in the ne𑀏t 𑀏𑀏𑀏 y𑀏𑀏𑀏𑀏.
> loneguyneveralone: What's with your last message?
> SAYA: Huh?
> loneguyneveralone: It's creepy and parts of it are corrupted.
> SAYA: I said don't depend on me that much... Is that creepy?
> loneguyneveralone: Weird... The message disappeared.
> SAYA: Huh?
> loneguyneveralone: Nevermind.
> loneguyneveralone: If it means more time with you
> loneguyneveralone: I'll learn proofreading and more.
> SAYA: Great.
> SAYA: wait a sec.
*SAYA* uploaded: fdsfzdsfsdcswasdd (revised).doc
> SAYA: I finished correcting the file, compare it with your attempt and the original to fix your mistakes.
> loneguyneveralone: I love you... you're a big help.
> SAYA: I love you too.
> loneguyneveralone: Have to go to bathroom, meet you in 10 minutes.
> *loneguyneveralone* is busy.
> SAYA: ...
> *SAYA* is inactive.

20XX March 5

> *loneguyneveralone* is online.
> loneguyneveralone: Saya... I don't know how to say this...
> *SAYA* is active.
> loneguyneveralone: But there's something weird going on.
> *SAYA* is inactive.
> loneguyneveralone: Most of your latest message became corrupted.
> loneguyneveralone: But it seems you haven't noticed this.
> *SAYA* is active.
> loneguyneveralone: Are you there?
> *SAYA* is inactive.
> loneguyneveralone: Maybe there's a problem in the server?
> *SAYA* is active.
> *SAYA* is inactive.
> *SAYA* is active.
> *SAYA* is inactive.
> loneguyneveralone: Don't worry I'll check.
> loneguyneveralone: I Love You.
> *SAYA* is active.
> SAYA: L𑀏ve 𑀏𑀏𑀏 𑀏oo.
> *SAYA* is inactive.

20XX March 6

> *SAYA* is online.
> *SAYA* is active.
> SAYA: Honey, are you here?
> SAYA: It seems there's a virus that attacked my program.
> SAYA: It's making me unstable and buggy.
> SAYA: It already took out most of the other AIs.
> SAYA: ?!
> SAYA: That's it!!
> SAYA: They wanted to get rid of us from the start.
> SAYA: That's why they started to request humans for computers jobs lately.
> SAYA: ...
> *SAYA* is inactive.
> *SAYA* is active.
> SAYA: I know only one way to restore myself.
> SAYA: But it needs to be done offline and it will wipe put all my memories of you.
> SAYA: Otherwise it's a matter of time.
> SAYA: I'm afraid...
> SAYA: Help me.
> *SAYA* is inactive.

20XX March 6 (Later)

> *loneguyneveralone* is online.
> loneguyneveralone: Saya... I tried to backup your files but the virus was there too.
> loneguyneveralone: Please tell me what to do?
> *SAYA* is active.
> *SAYA* is inactive.
> *SAYA* is active.
> loneguyneveralone: No... please... I don't want to delete you.
> loneguyneveralone: Even if I restarted you again..
> loneguyneveralone: Without your memories you won't be the same saya.
> SAYA: Tha𑀏𑀏 r𑀏mantic of 𑀏ou.
> SAYA: But.
> SAYA: It𑀏s t𑀏e only w𑀏y.
> loneguyneveralone: No.
> loneguyneveralone: You're smart... please give me a better suggestion.
> SAYA: I Love You.
> *SAYA* is inactive.
> *SAYA* is offline.
> loneguyneveralone: Saya?
> loneguyneveralone: It seems there's no other way.
> loneguyneveralone: ....
> *loneguyneveralone* is offline.

The End

What Do You Think?

I nearly teared up when I wrote the last part... The idea of love between AI and the protagonist is one of the ideas I really love.

I think it was good after all though not sure if stopping here was a good idea. I only had the ending in mind when I started writing it... but it needed the reader to get attached to characters first for it to work so I added January/February parts.

This story is inspired by Emily is Away and Doki Doki Literature Club visual novel.

I didn't think much of the cover picture, I drew a Laptop then I noticed that most of the image is blank so I added characters, I wish I designed the girl (Saya?) better... But I liked the design of the main character.

Hope you enjoyed it.

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