My Dream

A dream is a cherished aspiration and ambition of every living person no matter how big or small it maybe. As an individual a dream is a very important aspect of life because there is no human without a dream. As a child while growing up I have so many dreams but they are two special ones that are very dear to my heart.

My First Dream

While growing up as a child I have always wanted to become a professional accountant when I grow up one day, An accountant is a professional who performs accounting functions such as analysing and keeping of accounting records inorder to keep the business running smoothly. I have always been working and putting in effort inorder to archive my dreams of becoming an accountant one day.


By the grace of God in archiving my dreams I am currently studying accounting in the university of science and technology Delta State Nigeria and in few years time I will be a B.S.C holder in accounting. After my B.S.C degree I will also apply for a six month course in chartered accounting, as it's stand's now all efforts are going on perfectly and am sure it will be a dream come true for me.

My Second Dream

Apart from being an accountant I have also dreamt of being a singer because I love singing a lot but the little problem I have now is that I have a very tiny voice that people hardly hear me when I speak let alone when I sing. Due to my voice issue I joined a singing club when I was in secondary school and my voice was really improving and coming out to but unfortunately I lost in two years ago when I was still living with my aunt is Lagos due to some emotional break down.


I haven't gotten my strong voice every since then and I also lost the passion of singing as well but recently that passion came back to me and am currently working on strengthen myself that why I joined the choir in my chruch so I can get back my voice and self confidence back in full force. Am sure that with lot of hard work and dedication I will eventually archive my dream of being a good gospel singer.

A dream without fulfilment is not a dream so no matter what will happen or what it may cost I will make sure both of my dreams come to past.

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