My HIVE Highlight


Takehiro Tomiyama

It all started when I met @makeitrain4ever on a microblog (, we conversed even though it was hard to chat on that blogging site. He introduced me to HIVE and that was a turn around for me. I had to quit my day job because it took a lot of time and payed a penny.

He further introduced me to a community of beautiful people, @dreemport, a community that make sure newbies and even veteran, get readers to read and support their write ups.

My stay in dreemport made me meet a lot of great minds, one way or the other, through dreemport, I got to know @theterminal, another community of people that also support newbies like I am.

I believe my Hive Highlight is getting to meet different people from different places in the world.
I meet @makeitrain4ever (my fellow nigerian, a patient guy, like he gives reply to my every question and also give suggestions), @dreemsteem ( a fun, beautiful lady, I definitely wouldn't have given her husband a chance if I was born earlier), @jamerussell (we chat a lot on discord, he is just like a father that bring to my notice errors I make. you need to check our discord chat hahahah), @kittygirl ( I don't really know much about her but I know she likes cats haha and she curates my post just about every time), @tattoodjay (if you wanna see great pictures, make sure you follow @tattoodjay).

I wouldn't forget this hightlight, @luvshares gave me some luv token on a previous post and I didn't know what it was when I joined, so, I didn't bother checking it.
After like a month, I replied him and asked about the token stuffs, he told me about Hive engine and I immediately check my engine. Guess what? I saw about $3+ of tokens, dreem,POB,LUV and many more. well, it might look small to you, but it would get me chicken and chips here in my country.

I specially appreciate @dreemsteem, she brought my notice to this challenge.

I wish you all a merry christmas and a prosperous new year.

You can participate too @guiltyparties/community-challenge-name-your-2021-hive-highlight#@baned/r4iup8

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