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We are so happy to introduce you the Maximus the second step of our deflationist development plan πŸŽ‰

What is Maximus?

The Maximus (Maximizer) farms takes the profits that come out of the original compounded Lydia farm, and puts it into the Auto-LYD auto-compounding pool, in order to give you a higher apy, while protecting your principal. There will be a withdrawal fee of 4% if withdrawn within 168 hours (7 days). With the Maximizer Farms, users can claim their profits, without exiting the farm.

The First Yield Farming Maximizer on the Avalanche Ecosystem πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰

How does it work?

Super simple! Just stake your LP token to the corresponding maximizer farm and forget about it! It will be automatically compounded and maximized for you by Maximus.

Harvest your LYD rewards any time you wish. No need to reset staking.

The following image explains how it works;

High APY for diamond hands πŸ’Ž πŸ™Œ

Maximizer farms are profitable for long term investors who eager to maximize their earnings without any efforts. Paperhands can keep using our classic farms.

Our test calculations shows that assuming LYD price stays constant, ETH-AVAX Farm APY is 26%, and LYD APR is 418%, then the APY of someone who deposits into the β€œETH-AVAX Maximus Farm” would be 406%. This is much higher than the 26% achieved by simply compounding, yet the risk is very minimal. A user must have the patience to sit back and watch their money grow exponentially over time.

One small complication is that because of the way the new yield maximized (Maximus) farms are coded through back-end development, the yields earned 36 hour periods get distributed the next 3 days on a rolling cycle. This means that users who deposit from day 0 to day 3 would be at a slight disadvantage as they would not be able to receive their fair share of yields for the first 36 hours. The graph below illustrates the difference in returns between the original farm and the new Yield Maximizing (Maximus) farm.

Green: Maximus | Red: Regular farming

We have provided the mathematical formula for calculating the total geometric sum. Feel free to use it to personalize your calculations.

How many maximizer vaults will be there

We are starting with AVAX-ETH and AVAX-LYD farms and we will keep adding other farms step by step.

As part of Maximus Step #3 we are planning to add other AVAX project's farms such as Pangolin, Penguin, Avalaunch...

Performance Fee

Maximus contract will be collecting 3% of each yield harvest, which is subtracted automatically. In addition to performance fee, our LYD auto compounder will be charging %6 of Lyd profit.

Withdrawal Fee

4% if you withdraw (unstake) within 168 hours. After 168 hours, you can withdraw your LP tokens with no fee.

Burn baby burn πŸ”₯

LYD's come from both performance fees and buyback with withdrawal fees will be burned regularly to help reduce inflation.

Currently we are approaching to end of testing phase and estimating to launch the Maximus next week.

More details to come. Stay tuned.

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