Announcing the Curangel Project - Curation Serving Everyone

Happy #newsteem everyone!

Now that the blockchain is (hopefully) stable, and our own code is feature complete, we're happy to announce our official launch!

Curangel was born from the idea to provide an alternative to bid bots or vote automation for stakeholders which are not interested in curating themselves, but don't want to watch inflation eating up their stake either. We engage a motivated team of experienced curators to find undervalued deserving content, and share the received rewards 80/20 between delegators and curators.

For delegators, that means they will receive ~40% of their vote value paid out daily without having to do any work and still supporting the concept of proof-of-brain and a wide range of authors. In addition to that, they can use our website to propose overrated posts to downvote, lowering the rewards for those posts without having to be afraid of direct retaliation.

Our curation team has a lot more freedom than with other projects. We don't enforce certain formatting rules, arbitrary quality standards, or focussing on new accounts. We are aware that every curator has a different understanding of what an underrated post is, and trust their common sense. That does not mean that we will turn a blind eye on abuse or circle voting though, the suggestions are watched and we will regularly evaluate the work of our team members.

To fully support the consciousness change in the community that the changes in HF21 are intended to bring, content creators who used bidbots in the last 7 days can not be curated. So if you hope to get a vote from us, make sure you do not buy votes elsewhere!

If the concept appeals to you and you decide to delegate, register on our website to get access to the downvote tool.
Should you be interested in curation, or just want to hang out with a bunch of enthusiastic steemians, join our Discord

Let's all make steem great again!

The Curangel project is brought to you by witness @pharesim
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