Weekly earnings, webs and tokenomics report

Inside this review I may mention multiple accounts, both groups and individual by their HIVE username - in case anyone wants to inform about their service, make a business inquiry or make an investment.
In case that you wish to make a suggestion how to better promote these services, drop a comment, contact me on Twitter or directly on Protonmail.
If you wish not to receive mention on future Monday promotional article, let me know.
If you wish to call me up to comment on your content, just mention me either in comments or inside of a text. I will be glad to participate in your discussion.


  1. I am using Ecency instead of PeakD for most of my activity. On Peakd I will make Portfolio and Collections for fiction.
  2. dBuzz (@aschatria) is on my main profile instead of microblogging, and I am using it occasionally.
  3. Rewards are all calculated in netto, instead of brutto like the last week, so if you go to compare have that in mind.

Digital art, NFT and art

I created one more piece of NFTs, which is by the way one of my fav urban legend characters.

You can preview my entire collection on NFTShowroom.

I do not have much money allocated for NFTs but I will buy ones I can, and promote what I like.


I occasionally use my Twitter profile to contact HIVE services.
I wish that @threespeak installs better lists, so I can put my music into albums.

aschatria on Twitter: "@3speakonline list view for Playlists?" / Twitter



I plan to invest external cryptocurrency into cards and upgrades. In the past I was doing that with BCH.
I would for example earch some Bitcoin Cash on Noise Cash, and then I would buy DEC for cards.

Currently I have 19 SPS staked in a game.


So far dBuzz didn't make play or apple app, otherwise I have no complains or special requests.
"Post to" feature could be better, so that for example we can post to Twitter, without actually opening our browser.
But, I use Twitter every day app/web, so it doesn't really matter for me, and I can always use RSS feed from @ecency to share my posts or activity automatically, but like I said I have no special need for it.


I actually invested time in ListNerds this week.
These are my gains, plus I will be soon sending mails myself.
I monitor my activity on an each Monday as well.


Community, commenting and platforms


I spent most of my time on Ecency, I hope to make more comments this week and possibly some more on Blurt.
I also use these websites on a mobile phone, so I will monitor that activity too.

Crypto blogging weekly total earning


Best total earnings, without additional tokens, has HIVE.
This was skinny, as usual, but huge chunk of my online earnings doesn't really come from blogging.
I do this to keep myself capable of life on daily basis.

Productivity - Earnings per activity

Actions include written articles and comments.


Productivity - Earnings per internet usage

I installed time tracker on my browser to see how much time do I spend only on my PC on various websites. This week I only tracked my browser activity without mobile phone.

Total time spent online: 51h 25m = 3085 minutes
Daily: 7h 20m = 440 minutes
My estimated time was to spend 8h actively working online

I didn't set any particular time frame for crypto blogging, but this is what it looks like.
Total weekly time spent on crypto blogging: = 12h 57m = 777 minutes


Best pay per invested time and activity without Hive tokens, has Blurt.


I paid my previous group in BCH and in some other coins before a break, so I took the whole Sunday to make order in accounts and all the remaining funds and tokens still bound to them.
Like you know, Hive Engine has multiverse of madness, when it comes to tokens, and it would cause a small nervous breakdown to anyone new to our system.

It took me the whole day to make a plan, sell tokens which I do not want to involve with and buy some others.

My main profile @aschatria is now pretty much a home to Hive Engine Tokens, @groverafter no longer serves as a microblogging and @amedhya is transformed into tokenomics account for a few commenting command tokens.

So this is how it looks like , and this is just a beginning.


I have small sums of these community tokens, so I bought more and staked these :

tokensumvalueissued by

I am interested in movies and any form of entertainment, and I actually have a movie profile where you can see my recently viewed movies or TV shows.
Anyways a serial progress is visible at :
Aschatria Xyana's TV show watched progress - Trakt
Aschatria Xyana's ratings - Trakt

Stem features more scientific themes, which I should do instead of all the other ... fine things.

I will see how LEO and WAIV do for me, but I am definitely into self-improvement and finance. I don't see why not to participate.

I like gaming on HIVE, I am mostly interested in @Splinterlands , but I also bought and staked other gaming tokens. I decided to support one new incoming game and bought LVL, which is currently un-stake-able.

tokensumvalueissued by

I had some NEOXAG, which I staked now because it offers passive income per some %,. I know that it was dripping all the time, so if I need to claim it then I will just bungle the whole thing in a stake and up it time to time.


  • savings, finance, diary, tokenomics
  • will be used as a backup commenting feature

The idea is to reward feedback on my commenting activity. If it becomes cumbersome to maintain, I will just stake all of this into my main profile. So, this is just for the test and as for the extra profile/s, it is really convenient to keep assets in a few places as an additional safety measurement.

For this one I took a few on-command tokens and staked them. In the current moment I have minimal stake, just to see how to work with those.

tokensumvalueissued by

On-command daily tokens on comments
!ALIVE - 10X
!LUV - user needs 10 LUV minimum to use it
!LOLZ - 1X
!BEER - 1X
!PIZZA - user needs 20 PIZZA minimum to use it

Onboarding and promotion ( POSH)

I will continue doing my promo for $POSH tokens, but I do not share my articles only on Twitter. I use multiple social networks.
These are some of them, I will include others when they pass a minimum of 100 followers.
I have an issue with my Posh profile on a website, my old username which I changed ( account is connected), is now used by a random person on Twitter. I logged into a website with a Twitter, but it still shows amedhya and not ascha3a.

These are my net followers for now:


Plan for the next week

  1. write an article per day for Hive and Blurt
  2. Create one NFT that you love, and buy at least 2 that you really like
  3. Publish 2 songs on 3SpeakTV
  4. Play and stake, buy for BCH on Splinterlands
  5. ListNerds complete tasks
  6. 20 commends day an each - Hive, Blurt, Noise
  7. Rationalize time spent on an each website
  8. Write on topics: movies, science, finance and utilize waivio hashtag
  9. Write about gaming and use gaming hashtags
  10. Monitor LVL and kryptogamers
  11. Use on-command comment tokens
  12. Promote links on 8 listed social networks, measure impact and add more followers on others ( >100)

Next week I will have much better overview of these tokens, activity and social media followers and I will probably up all listed.

Contact info

Element ( Matrix): @aschatria:matrix.org
Session (Oxen): 05c9f58a59882e1c459ec59fc6bedf7203c448e23cecd2c7cfe25e6732fb5c5371
Discord: aschatria#1254
Twitter: https://twitter.com/ascha3a
Mail: aschatria@protonmail.com

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