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Hello again my fellow brewing masters! I have been insanely busy the past few days and am behind on so much work because of it. I foresee me having troubles posting one of my guide blogs very often for the next week but will work on it daily with the time I have and post it when done.

For the days in between I have decided to have giveaways to help new players out. Not that I'm excluding older players but I expect those that don't need the nft to not join the giveaway and possibly take it from someone that could use it!

To join you simply need to post a screen shot such as the one below. Once you are done crafting a any beer in your brew house, click the card so it shows you what it is and then take a screenshot showing the beer card in the brew house with the claim button below it and your username in the top right corner is required to be in the picture as well. Also leave your wax wallet address in the comment as well.

Vote is not required to join the giveaway, but is appreciated!


The chance to enter this giveaway will end December 3rd 23:00 UTC about (48 hours from now). The winner will be drawn and announced in this post comments by me by December 5th 23:00 UTC

The winner will receive the following 3 cards:




May you have a long and successful brewing dynasty!

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