This community is for all creatives at ALL levels, Experts - Professionals - Enthusiasts - Novices! We will grow as one!

This Art Community is going to be a different approach to the other creative communities here on hive. This community accepts everyone of all skill levels. Now DO NOT let this deter you away. If your an expert artist in whatever medium it may be, please stay, subscribe, a lot of people will find influence and passion from your work. If your a seasoned professional you can learn a lot from the experts and maybe even see some work you can try, pushing yourself out of your comfort zone. If your a creative enthusiast but don't consider yourself "good enough", 1st everyone can become even better artists with practice and patience, learn from the professionals and experts, they were once in your shoes. Lastly if you consider yourself a novice, crafty person or even not creative at all, but always wondered things like, can I draw? Stay around, learn from us all, you be surprised at what you can do, again with some patience and persistence. MONTHLY CONTEST'S FOR HIVE EVERY SINGLE MONTH!


- Have fun, try something new, push yourself, everyone can be creative!

- All mediums of art accepted, ex. Drawings, Paintings, Photography, Graphics, Animation, Doodles, Graffiti, Charcoal, authors \ writings, music and much, much more! ANYTHING!

- No pornographic material.

- If your posting a nude piece please mark it as NSFW.

- Be respectful to everyone.

- No bashing of anyone's creativity level.

- Positive atmosphere only.

- Be supportive of others, help them!

- If you could give some pointers tell them, critique goes a long way!

- Be mindful if someone does critique you, take it with a grain of salt, either accept what they said and work harder or ignore them if the critique is harsh.

- With that said, when critiquing your fellow members, no down right insulting or bashing like stated earlier.

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