Heavy Metal

A place to talk about, share, and headbang to the heaviest music around. Bring your concert photos, album reviews, etc.

Anything and everything heavy metal and hard rock belongs here. From black death to progressive, stoner to atmospheric, melodic to thrash, djent to nu, power to post... the list goes on and is as diverse as the metalheads throwing down all over the world. Community home of Fullforce Radio, the blockchain's premiere heavy metal livestream experience, with host @Crimsonclad.


- Pit etiquette applies: help others up when they're down, be cool, don't start fights, have fun.

- If you're sharing someone else's music, art, photos or reviews, please credit them in your work.

- Remember the wise words of Freedom Call: Metal Is For Everyone, and is a huge genre with all sorts of interesting sub communities. Your flavor is just fine, and there's room for everybody in the pit.

- Metal can be controversial and can touch on uncomfortable topics. We won't censor you for discussing these parts of the genre as they're something that shouldn't be ignored, but if you call for harm and hatred against others, we'll bounce you out on your ass.

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