HIVE Anti-Tyranny Education Distribution - The Resistance

A global consortium dedicated to the suppression of oppressive governments foreign and domestic in order to ensure freedom not only for the present day but for future generations.

A muster point for information, news and reporting on atrocity perpetrated by global governments and collective group expression of ways to solve the issue of governments overstepping their bounds at the cost of their own or other populations, anywhere.

Freedom of speech is not only encouraged but protected here, regardless of your political, spiritual or geographical ideals or preference.

Welcome to the Resistance, glad to have another member helping fight tyranny through revolution or any other means necessary. It's up to us to keep governments accountable and in check globally, lest they attempt to completely erode the foundations of freedom for humanity.

We are not terrorists. We fight terrorists masquerading as governing bodies.

Guy Fawkes had it right. Long live freedom and those who fight for it!


- This is a Freedom of Speech protected arena, you are free to express yourself 100%

- We're all on the same team here, be civil to each other, we may be fighting side by side soon

- Domestic Terrorism isn't encouraged unless required and should be used sparingly

- This community falls under the jurisdiction of no countries political fallacy

- While sharing of plans, recipes and theory behind weapons manufacture is allowed, make sure you aren't placing yourself on a watchlist somewhere

- State or federal agencies that support the oppression of their populations can kindly go shoot themselves, or we'll eventually do it for you

- Potentially felonious posts such as assassination plots or other extremely sensitive data should not only be encrypted but posted from anonymous accounts

- In the event of oppression by tyrannical government you're entirely within reason to pick up arms and fight for not only yourself but for your family, neighbours and future generations

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