A place for content about psychology, mental health, and recovery. Lived experience stories welcome.

A space to share destigmatising and useful information, stories, and perspectives about psychology, mental health, mental-health problems, and the recovery process, in any format. Page creator is a clinical psychologist with lived experience of recovery and a long background within the service-user movement working to reduce stigma and promote positive community attitudes. Pathologising language and ideas will have no place in this community - please do not post it. Evidence tells us clearly that sharing purely biomedical explanations of mental health problems increases stigma and discrimination and reduces people's hope for recovery although it does reduce the sense of blame people and their families experience. We also know that sharing purely psycho-social explanations of mental health problems increases the sense of blame and responsibility for the difficulties people face. Human beings live inside bodies that are responding to the world around them.


- All genres welcome; Art, poems, stories, free-writes, essays, reviews, strategies, resource shares, research news, no limits.

- Cross-posting welcome but personalise it with a message.

- Reference your sources.

- No stigmatising, pathologising, blaming content. See description if you aren't sure.

- Leave space for diversity of culture, ability, gender, sexuality and experience - there is no single cause for any mental-health problem or correct approach to recovery. What is true, helpful, normal or desirable for one person is not for others.

- Consider the impact of your words on others - inspire hope not hopelessness or further distress. Please no explicit details of self-harm acts, wounds, or naming of suicide methods.

- Keep human rights in mind. People require autonomy, dignity and choice.

- Don't label people even if you need to label the experiences they face. This applies to your own stories too - your readers will assume you label them the same way.

- Don't be a dick.

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