HIVEFinance Curation

HIVEFinance Curation is a community for crypto finance. Powered by HIVE DOLLARS and the HIVE token economy.

Using our Hive-based token HIVEFinance Curation we reward content creators and users for engaging on our platform at and within our community on the Hive blockchain.

HIVE Blogging is just the beginning of whats possible in the HIVEFinance Curation community and with the HIVE token

1. Trade HIVE and other Hive-based tokens on our exchange

2. Track your Hive account statistics at

3. Opt-in to ads on HIVE Apps which drives value back into the HIVE token economy from ad buybacks.

4. Learn contribute to our crypto-educational resource at

5. Wrap HIVE onto the Ethereum blockchain with our cross-chain token bridge coming soon

Learn more about us at faq


- Content should be related to the financial space i.e. crypto equities etc. etc.

- Posts created from our interface are eligible for upvotes from hive.voter and will automatically be posted to our Hive community our front end and other Hive front ends as well

- Posts in our community are also eligible to earn our native token HIVE in conjunction with HIVE post rewards

- If you have any questions or need help with anything feel free to reach out to us on twitter financehive or head over to our HIVE server

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