The CDC stopped tracking Coronavirus vaccination breakthrough cases that didn’t lead to hospitalization or death. This hides the true effectiveness.

Before May 1st, 2021, the CDC tracked all cases where someone who was vaccinated got reinfected with Sars-2.

The change, they said, was to “help maximize the quality of the data collected on cases of greatest clinical and public health importance.”



But how does not tracking people still getting sick despite having the mRNA gene therapy help the general public understand whether or not the shots are meaningfully effective?

This information is especially crucial for analysis and discussion of the following topics:

1.) To what extent are those vaccinated still at risk of contraction?

2.) To what extent are those vaccinated still spreading the virus?

3.) To what extent is the vaccine, in ratio, preventing death and hospitalization in comparison to the number of total breakthrough cases?

4.) To what extent is the vaccine’s prevention more effective at stopping reinfection than natural immunity gained via full recovery?

5.) To what extent could there be a bump in Coronavirus breakthrough contractions correlated with those who get the vaccine, especially in comparison to the remaining unvaccinated and the naturally recovered?

As you can see from the above critical questions, the CDC’s lack of coverage of all breakthrough cases is doing a great disservice to everyone in hiding comparative data for risk mitigation cost/benefit consideration.

It’s time to recognize that the CDC does NOT have your informed consent in mind, but is only reporting to the extent it fits their narrative to take the mRNA gene therapy "vaccines."

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