How the CDC is further covering up Coronavirus vaccine breakthrough death data.

The CDC is at it again with hiding how many people are dying despite being vaccinated.

As I noted before, the CDC was already only covering vaccine breakthroughs where the individual either made it to the hospital or died.


Now, they are putting two conditions onto the data collection that makes it more difficult to account for breakthrough cases.


Specifically, they will only record cases if someone has had a detection of SARS-CoV-2 RNA or antigen:

CONDITION 1.) 14 OR MORE days after they have completed

CONDITION 2.) ALL recommended doses.

So if someone has gotten only the first shot of a two-shot vaccine, the CDC will count the person as “unvaccinated” instead of a more accurate label of “partially vaccinated.”

Worse, if more shots/boosters become recommended for “completeness,” even someone having had 2 shots could be considered “incomplete” and “unvaccinated” for death data.

Do you see how ridiculous this is considering that the even one dose in a multi-shot regime is not purely “unvaccinated” as it’s supposed to provide some level of immunity?

In fact, the first shot of Pfizer is supposed to provide 50-60 percent of the protection delivered.


How effective is the first shot of the Pfizer or Moderna vaccine?

So the CDC is deceptively trying to inflate the “unvaccinated” breakthrough comparative count while hiding the true nature of the breakthrough cases based on actual vaccinations had.

And, not only is this data framing deceptive for breakthrough analysis and effectiveness study of the relative stages of shots, but it’s also a manner in which deaths caused by vaccines can be relatively ignored in the process.

In many countries, someone dying after having a positive test within 4 weeks prior was counted as a “Coronavirus death” for reporting purposes.

For example, in England, anyone dying within 28 days of a positive test was automatically counted for public reporting:

See: New UK-wide methodology agreed to record COVID-19 deaths


Public Health England has changed its definition of deaths: here’s what it means

But, if someone dies after a vaccination within that same window, the death is not automatically counted as a vaccine-caused death as is done with a positive Coronavirus test.

Which means the data is biased to assume a death would be from Coronavirus, not the vaccine, within a 28-day window.


More Vaccinated People Are Dying of COVID in England Than Unvaccinated – Here’s Why

The same holds true in America where death data is downplayed as being unreliable in the self-reported VAERS database system while ignoring that there is no material control method for how the deaths are labelled by doctors.

The CDC specifically opened the door for doctors to write "probable" or "presumed" causation in their April 3rd guidance newsletter.

Guidance for Certifying Deaths Due to Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID–19)

(For the comparative deception in action, see this news coverage downplaying death reports:

False claims of deaths from COVID-19 vaccine appear real because of CDC data )

In short, when it comes to collecting data about showing more cases and deaths from Coronavirus, the CDC is all-too-happy to open the reporting door wide and then tout whatever comes through as certain and true.

But when it comes to vaccine death data, the CDC does not have the same level of approval and subsequent public promotion even though both the death from vaccination and the Coronavirus case/death data is technically self-reported (as in, it's not CDC scientists doing their own study) and is not being independently verified for accuracy, especially factoring in error rates for tests or mistaken assumptions of healthcare workers.

This, on top of the CDC's limiting vaccination breakthrough tracking to hospitalizations and deaths, makes it incredibly difficult to get an accurate assessment of how much protection versus harm the vaccines are providing on a real-world basis.


CDC under fire for decision to limit tracking of Covid-19 cases in vaccinated people

The CDC is clearly playing a framing game to bias data reporting in favor of the vaccine.

And that should gravely concern everyone.

P.S. I highly recommend you get and read this book on the subject here:

Corona, False Alarm? Facts and Figures
by Karina Reiss Ph.D. and Sucharit Bhakdi M.D.


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