Coronavirus deaths are stratified. The media pretends they're not.

If you watch the corporate news, you’d think that Coronavirus is equally deadly for all people, especially with dramatic pushes to get kids vaccinated and stay masked at school.

See for example: Our children will suffer if adults can't get school Covid precautions right

The reality is that, even by the CDC's own data, people under the age of 50 (most of those below retirement age) are statistically unlikely to die from coronavirus.


(The CDC death data has a lot of issues, so see my article on that here: /@thepholosopher/how-the-cdc-deceived-the)

In fact, any child aged 0-17 is about 150 times more likely to die from any other cause than coronavirus symptoms.

So, if the death rates are so low for those in the child and working-age bracket, why is there so much of a push to get young people vaccinated?

Some try to claim that getting kids vaccinated will help stop the spread to older people.

However, given that young children are the most likely to not get the virus AND the most likely to not show symptoms, this makes little sense.

See: Kids likely not driving household COVID-19 outbreaks

Especially because, in the largest study ever done on asymptomatic spread with 300 cases and 1,174 close contacts, not a single person contracted the virus.

See: Post-lockdown SARS-CoV-2 nucleic acid screening in nearly ten million residents of Wuhan, China

So, not only are young people unlikely to have severe symptoms and die, they are unlikely to pass on the virus to others.

And this may be, in part, due to some pre-existing immunity:

See: Pre-existing coronavirus antibodies could help protect children against new pandemic strain

Immunity is itself built up over generations with antibodies being passed down through breastmilk.

See: COVID vaccines and breastfeeding: what the data say

The reason why there is a push to get children vaccinated has very little to do with empirical, relative risks but, rather, a desire from those in control to get a widespread vaccination program going.

As covered in my article, How the government murdered tens of thousands of grandmas in 2020, this program is not for the sake of saving lives. It is for the sake of enriching select state and corporate benefactors while gaining more control over the population through medical tyranny.

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