Splinterlands Art - My kids having some fun

I've got two sons, 9 and 11, and they're both getting into Splinterlands, with a little help from Dad.

This weekend they've been doing a little art work, mainly because it's fun, but also to try and win a booster pack or two.

So here's what they've come up with:


First is a new Ice Dragon. It is a Water card, has Sneak ability, costs 3 mana, 4 speed, 3 shield, and 5 health at level 1.
It was supposed to have 1 attack but that seems to have been forgotten. Oops.

Next up is a copy of the Pirate Captain.

We all know how cool this card is and what a great asset it can be.

Finally we have a fire dragon card called Electro.

He's going to cost 5 mana, has 4 attack, speed 3, 4 health and 4 shield. He also has sneak and blast ability.

The long term plan is for Splinterlands to help pay for University. It's an ambitious plan but with 8 - 10 years of play ahead of us, who knows????

If anyone wants to help the lads out then they'd be very happy to receive any helpful gifts - @hovis124 and @hbomb7

Hope you enjoy the art work.


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