Video platforms and frameworks


Some platforms are more equal than others. I have not used Youtube for uploading too much, since the censorship is tight and they basically push ads to content they have not created. There are many alternatives, but choosing the right one is a difficult task.

A short wave video is very easy to put up in YT and it works in most platforms too, convenient but the rights are owned by the Alphabet. Now pushing the 2-phase authentication and banning people left and right, the future is pretty dark for the platform.

Another option is connected with Hive already, called Dtube. It has some minor issues still, but no lags and a possibility for IPFS is a big bonus. 3S is kind of a competitor, but the organization behind it is shady, to say the least. Also have mostly bad experiences with the developers, so preferring Dtube at the moment.

Depending the Dapp used, the videos might automatically show up or seen as a link. Ecency and PeakD have some differences on integrations, for example. Since have not found the perfect solutions yet, most of the time goes in coding an all-round dapp with a spiritual approach.

A pretty fresh new video platform for Finnish audience is called Tokentube, which is almost uncensored and already videos gets more views, than in YT. So people are ready for alternatives, at least the ones who keep their eyes open.

Perhaps one day the second version of Tokentube is based on p2p technology and new code language, PHP with thousands of lines of code is pretty impossible to fix. Have helped the owners with some bug reporting and users with problems, have the weird habit to see potential, which others tend to ignore.

A year ago I found Hive, half a year from that Tokentube started and recently found an awesome development platform Quasar. Based on Vue3 and the Composition API, making new interfaces is a breeze. With little prior JS skills it was really fast to learn the curve. So many built-in functions make writing the code less time-consuming and errors are quite easy to spot.

Lets say money is created based on nothing at all, somehow it has value. Blockchain based on data and social interactions has limitless value, if we ignore the price tags for a while. Also when everything is open and free, the only limit the is human creativity!

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