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This is my entry into the CineTV contest 61, Favorite Movie with Beer. The link is here.

Name - Trainspotting
Released - 1996
Director - Danny Boyle

This week's contest about beer and movies is an unusal combination as when I was growing up, you couldn't even drink a beer in the cinema with your movie. Of course, now that you can have a beer when going, I don't really fancy one or I am driving.. 😅

When I think of beer movies, some that spring to mind are the RomCom - Coyote Ugly which seems to romanticise working in a bar and alcohol and then the more UK pub culture films that show more of your working class pubs.

Some of the most memorable pub/beer scenes for me have been in the Football Factory where the football hooligans are always meeting at the pub or organising a fight at the pub and where Fred played by Tamer Hassan is searching for Tommy Johnson played by Danny Dyer and he says his name is Dorian.

The next memorable scenes I can remember are from the film Lock, Stock and 2 Smoking Barrels, but in particular where Rory Breaker has a dispute about watching the footy in the pub.

However, the most memorable and slightly morbid beer scene from a film I can remember is from Trainspotting. This is where the awful Begbie, who is a terrible bully and general all-round violent person, finishes his beer and then throws a glass into the crowd. I haven't been so shocked from a scene for a long time.

If this scene isn't enough to put you off going to the pub and drinking beer, I don't know what is. Actually, the scene shows him getting generally violent with random people in the pool hall and the pub. Both places that I liked to hang out in when I was younger. Luckily there was no Begbie around to cause havoc.

This was not the only tragic pub/beer scene in the film, it shows a pretty dark side of someone with a drink, violence and agression problem. Even though, the main focus of the film was the drug scene in Edinburgh. You get the impression of the bad side of drinking and drugs. Often people will say that alcohol can cause many problems as much as drug abuse and after watching this film, you could agree with that statement.

Thanks for reading.

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