[IYC Contest. South Korea] There are can't be too many books... 📚

As a big book lover by myself I couldn't pass by that amazing IYC Community Contest No. 5 - BOOKS contest hosted by @beeber.

When I came to Korea for the first time I was surprised to see many people reading books on the subway, bus, at the bus station, and everywhere.


I remember when I went to the bookstore to buy a vocabulary, I had shock. People were sitting everywhere, even on the floor. And guess what they were doing?! Right! They were reading books. I guess in most countries people will be kicked out of the store if they start reading the book right there. I mean without even paying for it.


And here are a lot of different bookstores. Most of them are so huge! I can't find the exit on the first try haha. I remember once I even got lost there, so I had to ask staff for a help :)

Also, if be honest, I think bookstores in Korea are like another sightseeing! I really recommend tourists to visit at least one bookstore!


You can find bookshelves at the subway station. Aren't surprised yet? But will you say about special wagons with books on the metro train?



Once I went to the mountains with my friend. By the way, climbing mountains is one of the most popular hobbies here. Especially among elder people! And they are super good in it! 60-80 years old grandmas and granddads reach the top much faster than I do. Anyways, if you climb mountains in Korea, and if you get tired while climbing, you can take a rest and read a book! Nope, you don't need to bring it with you, you can find bookshelves right in the mountains!



Probably, you have small resting areas in your district. But do you have bookshelves there? I do! The district where I live now is called 'A book reading district'. The local municipality pays a lot of attention to education. So, we have even smart book renting machines, where everyone can borrow a book for free :)


Book museum

Another awesome place that I like is the Book museum. I already told you about it, so I won't go into details. But if you missed that post, you can find it here.

Book Cafe

You can find books in many ordinary cafes. Cafe owners just install the bookshelf and leave a couple of books there. But also, there are special book cafes, which look like a library but the only difference is drinking. You can order coffee or any other drink and enjoy the reading.



I think when you are surrounded by so many books, you will fall in love with books even if you didn't like books before :)

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