eXode Update: Crash Landing on the Ice World!

Screenshot of one of my planets on SteemNova

We jumped into an uncharted system, just within range of a large ice world mostly shrouded in darkness.
-Ship's Log

ark ship orwell 1.png

Considering the wellbeing of the crew of the Orwell 1, the ALPHA landing zone in the Icelands of Pol was chosen to land since it had the best comfort according to our scans. Scans

Who are the crew of the Orwell 1?


Research officer- Dan H.
Veteran Research Officer- Eliza
Preservation Officer- Nalim E.

Screenshot (184).png

Veteran Pilot- Oksana
Maintenance- Erias M.
Elite Lab Scientist- "Patty" G.
Elite Life Searcher- Itho G.
Magna Cultist- Vera B.
Animal Handler- "Pat" D.
Xeno Analyst- Joan B.

Screenshot (180).png

Pol is actually very diverse! We'll be setting up shop in Sector 14, one of the many arctic sectors for which this region is named. Although the temperatures are averaging -150 degrees Celsius, Sector 2 is a jungle, Sector 6 an arid wasteland, Sector 11 rocky grounds, and Sector 15 is diversified plains as far as the eye can see!

Oksana tried her best when attempting to land, but you can only do so good when the landing site itself is near impossible to get to.

Screenshot (181).png

It's a shame to have so much damage done to the ship, even after Eliza fully repaired the damage dealt from intergalactic travel and alien attacks. We'll just have to work with what we got (and we got some elite ship construction parts!).

It will be some time before we hear back from this colony. But when we do, we will already be constructing installations, prefabs, and what have you!
Stay tuned and let me know if you want to become a captain!

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