Let's Examine Casrarene's Planetary Data!

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Greetings, eXode pilots and civilians! I'm eager to make this write-up sharing what my very own planet I discovered will be like. While I do believe my planet will be beautiful (in its own way), it most certainly will not look like the picturesque scene above.

Screenshot (166).png

My planet is mostly a dark, cold, ice world though it does have a jungle but it is cold as well. PRIMSCAN revealed that my landing sites will be very difficult to get to, with the easiest one being "DIFFICULT" at best. I would like to land in the Alpha Region, the Icelands of Pol, because it has the best comfort however that might be impossible.

Screenshot (69).png

In reality my planetary landing site might look like this other artwork from the game. With the extremely rough landing that might be what my ship will look like too.

The next scan I performed was the CFR or "Colonization for Research". Here are the results:

Screenshot (167).png

Eight flora and four fauna! Pretty good for a planet whose "life conditions seem terrible" (I think that refers to human life though). I've heard that numbers above 4 are good so I'm happy. It's a good thing I brought a preservation dome, my animal handler, and some life support! It will be great fun trying to discover them all.

Next is the profit scan. And let me just say first, I think this will be a very lucrative venture!

Screenshot (168).png

Tada! Sixteen unique ores! A nice, round number! I just can't remember if I packed a drill to mine those ores with. It won't be like mining trilium, I'll tell you that!

Screenshot (169).png

Scans also revealed that my planet contains 3 minerals! I'm guessing ores have to be mined or otherwise extracted and minerals can be found and collected by hand. Then both of these probably have to be further refined into a usable product. Very exciting! I'm glad I sent out another EVAC this time with the scientific faction instead of the secret agent. Pardon my French (no pun intended @elindos) but we're going to research the hyperdrive out of this planet!

The results of the habitability scans are not available yet but it will reveal more about comfort, danger, and (!) seasons. Also soon to be released is the planetary map!

I think this is all very important, especially since the developer, elindos, says they are all your planetary "secrets"! So normally, they wouldn't be viewable until discovered is what he means, I think. or at least some time in the future. What was clear was that this data will be hidden from us again so this post will sort of work as a reference, almost like an encyclopedia for my personal planet but also as a checklist!

It is still not too late to discover your own NFT planet (which will regularly mint new NFTs for you as well in the future). More information on eXode can be found in the game's manifesto. Use this link or enter this code: de7ed45 when buying your starter pack and you'll receive a free gift for becoming an eXode pilot!

In other news, I just opened my daily booster pack and these were 2 of the 5 cards inside!

Screenshot (170).png

Screenshot (171).png

The rest were commons but I'm psyched about these 2! Tyron is apparently a better than pilot than Oksana. I almost made a trade yesterday for a Tyron too! The Signals specialists is of elite quality, which would be analogous to the gold foil versions of cards for Splinterlands. Elite eXode cards, however, get added abilities and traits and sometimes story or rewards that the base cards just don't have.

Well that's all from me today. Hope you like the game and decide to support it!

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