Burn all rewards sent to null

All rewards will be burned and sent to a null address, which is an address with no associated private key. This means that the tokens sent to this address cannot be accessed or used. Burning tokens is a way of permanently removing them from circulation, reducing the total supply, and increasing the value of the remaining tokens.

It is strange to you receive a downvote on two of our burn posts without any explanation. It is possible that the downvote was given in error, or that the person who gave it did not feel comfortable leaving an explanation. If you are concerned about a downvote, you can reach out to us

We use a variety of methods to track down online scammers and fraudsters. These include monitoring online forums and social media, conducting online investigations, and using data analytics to identify patterns of suspicious activity. We also work with law enforcement and other organizations to help identify and prosecute those responsible for online fraud.

It is possible that the people who are able to do buy back post with no problem have access to insider information or have a special treatment with the This is seen as suspicious and should be investigated further.

Overall, it is important to investigate why only certain people seem to be able to do buy back post with no problem. There could be a variety of reasons, some of which are more suspicious than others.

Burn all rewards sent to null

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