Blacklisted on Hive


So, I found myself blacklisted on Hive “with no chance of appeal.” Apparently, I am a plagiarist, and have been since 2018.

And here I was, thinking I was adding value to the platform with my research on the plants around me, sharing the much needed humour, and educating people with my ‘words of wisdom’. I guess I thought too highly of myself.

Since there is no chance of appeal, I will not waste my time on that. How do you convince a shadow who has thought the worst of you, that you are not the person he thinks you are? A waste of time, really.

I will take some time off. Maybe come back with a different identity and post other stuff. No more humour and quotes, since they were the ones that got me into trouble in the first place. Apparently, I am supposed to credit the source where they are from.

I have explained to them that quotes are not copyrighted. And the source, if they must know is actually, my blog. All the jokes and quotes in my posts were taken from there - Unfortunately, those were not good enough reasons.

Anyway, I will still be lurking in the shadows for the time being, before I decide my next course of action. In the meantime, I will also be exploring the other platforms on the blockchain. Maybe I will find one that is more appreciative of my efforts.


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