Billboard artwork by @beekart

With the advent of Smart Media Tokens currently in the works, the Steem platform is well on its way to becoming a supportive ecosystem for token creation and a catalyst for diverse projects and services. in association with @buildteam aim to spearhead the welcome party with a grand re-opening of the @steemdrive global billboard crowdfunding campaign! Join us in creating this spectacular event once more, every vote counts, every supportive comment and donation will help grow our small ripples into tidal waves of change and awareness of crypto communities to the world!

A WORD FROM THE CEO - @thecryptodrive

You may have heard in recent news that the internet and social media giants, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat and Google are starting to ban crypto related ads from their services; making it increasingly difficult for ICO's (Initial Coin Offerings, similar to company IPO's) to reach their target audience.

In my opinion, this is a strategic, anti-competitive corporate move, with the sole purpose of slowing down the growth pace of the competition, under the guise of public morality and deciding for people that ICO's are all bad because a few are scams.

We live today in a pseudo-socialist, patronising society where we aren't even allowed to make use of our own common sense and reason, our media consumption is censored according to what corporations and governments tell us is good or bad for us ... this is totally against the disruption and freedom which blockchain and cryptocurrencies have awakened us to.

ICO's provide the economic stimulus for innovation and allow individuals and talented teams to seek funding to disrupt these global players with newer, fairer services, there is little doubt as to why they are not being well received on these monopolistic, centralised platforms.

In July 2016, the @steemdrive project was born from a grand dream to create an impact and make a statement to the world, and with the help of local liaisons, successfully crowdfunded a mammoth billboard campaign which raised nearly 50 000 USD to erect billboards, flighted over three months in three different cities across the globe - Durban - South Africa, Chicago - USA and Auckland - New Zealand.

There were considerations whether these campaigns were efficient and performance traceable compared to social media, but today we see it as a viable media alternative to resurrect and give blockchain a voice once more in spite of the looming censorship in other mediums.

Billboard agencies have long suffered sales declines due to the internet and social media alternatives, but are surprisingly affordable considering the grand presence and real-world validity billboards offer advertisers, these agencies make for sympathetic advertising partners.

The @steemdrive team, in conjunction with will be creating a holistic marketing solution for blockchain projects and ICO's on the Steem platform with billboard crowdfunding assistance combined with content visibility via Steemvoter guilds voting support coupled with development support for Steem and SBD payments integration as recently implemented on the ICO funding page.

With Smart Media Tokens (SMT's) potentially launching later in 2018; which will allow branded tokens to be created on the Steem chain, the Steem blockchain community is thus poised to become the first port of call for new innovators; offering token creation, an already existing crypto-savvy, captive user base in conjunction with guidance, support and advertising services offered by the resident @buildteam and @steemdrive initiatives.

Join me and our teams @steemdrive and @buildteam in laying down the building blocks for the future, let's innovate, disrupt and inspire! Together we can be amazing!


Ricardo Ferreira

| @thecryptodrive
| BuildTeam CEO
| Social Wallet Advisor

Social Wallet Billboard Crowdfund

Billboard artwork by @beekart

Our first billboard ressurrection campaign will be targetted at promoting, a revolutionary P2P crypto payments platform with a vision to facilitate cryptocurrency payments over existing social media networks, empowering users to send currencies to their contacts or to people in need simply by knowing what their social media identity is. This zero knowledge recipient model eliminates the need for having to know the recipient's wallet address to send them funds.

The use-cases for Social Wallet are practically endless, from tipping to charities, promotions, giveaways, cryptocurrency airdrops, paid advertising consumption and near instant global funds transfers to name a few; revolutionising how money is sent.

Social Wallet is currently in the ICO phase, with their WIRE tokens available for purchase at discounted rates on the website. check out the videos on their YouTube channel and review the whitepaper on for more information.

YouTube Video - Social Wallet Can Change the World

Join @buildteam, @steemdrive, Social Wallet and the Steem community in promoting cryptocurrency across the globe!

Steemdrive Billboard Liaisons - @theprophet and @theprophet0

Steemdrive liaisons are tasked with evaluating potential billboard sites, getting the team in touch with the relevant billboard agencies, providing insights and overviews on the prospective locations and taking proof of flight photography and video if or when the agencies are unable to supply.

For our first resurrection campaign, we enlist once more @theprophet0 and his father, @theprophet, who now live in Warren Buffet's hometown of Omaha, Nebraska, the misconceived farm and "corn capital" of the USA.

Omaha, and Nebraska are generalized to be a very dull, boring, farm-dominated area; but it's actually quite the contrary. Omaha is home to college sports fanatics as Omaha plays host to the College World Series at Creighton Prep University every Summer, where it reels in well over 250,000 bodies. Additionally, as stated before, Omaha is the home to an established entrepreneur, Warren Buffet who has amassed over 88.9 billion in capital; currently ranked the third richest person in the entire globe. Buffet is an Omaha native where he purchased a home over 50 years ago.

Furthermore, you may have heard about the most opportunistic central location of the world ...Silicon Valley! Omaha is referred to as the "Silicon Prairie" because of the enormous amount of job opportunities, however, on a slightly smaller scale compared Silicon Valley.

Omaha is a perfect position for a billboard campaign with the aggregate amount of millennials living here, who already dominate the cryptocurrency market. Corresponding research has shown that Millenials are addicted to social media, so what's better than putting a billboard representing both a social media where you get paid and a revolutionary way to transact cryptocurrency within existing platforms?

Below we have two locations listed for potential billboard sites for this campaign. We have decided to put it in the hands of the STEEM community to decide which location to select, and we will outline special details about each so Steemians can make educated decisions. Similar to @theprophet0's Chicago Billboard Campaign, users are encouranged to vote on the comment(s) which represent the location of their preference; in the comment section below. After the post has paid out, the votes and funds will be collected to pick a winning location which, will be detailed in the Proof-of-Flight Billboard post following the successful flighting.

Option 1: Billboard Outside of Warren Buffet's Home

Option 1, as stated above, is located just a short 15 minutes away from Buffet's residence. We must note that Omaha is commonly referred to as the "15 minute city", being you can get to about any special place within 15 minutes. This billboard location also boasts the title of "One of the busiest Intersections in Omaha". Located off 119th Street and Pacific, the board will approximately reel in just under 160k impressions on a weekly basis. Option 1 is priced at $3000 a month

Media/Style: Permanent Bulletin/Digital

Panel Size: 14' 0" x 48' 0" Spec Sheet

Facing/Read: West/Right

Number of slots: 6

Dwell Time: 10

Est. spots per day: 1332

Option 2: Billboard Located Just off the Interstate

Option 2 would be very impressionable to daily commuters, and getting back to before, we would assume many of them are millenials; meaning both of the sponsored platforms could generate enormous leads. Not to mention, the billboard agency, this is their newest billboard and it's an absolute hit location. According to LAMAR, option 2 is estimated to have impressions on just under 100k Omahaians and travelers. Furthermore, this billboard is located in Northwest Omaha, more specifically, 109th & Maple Street. This billboard rakes in a price tag of $3000 for a four week period.

Media/Style: Permanent Bulletin/Digital

Panel Size: 14' 0" x 48' 0" Spec Sheet

Facing/Read: East/Right

Number of slots: 6

Dwell Time: 10

Est. spots per day: 1332

How to Crowdfund a Billboard!

Step 1: Vote the main post, 100% Vote Power will donate the most rewards to the campaign.

Step 2: Similarly, vote for the billboard of your preferrence in the comments section, or vote for all of them.

Step 3: Recruit and spread the word - resteem and share on social media.

Step 4: Have crypto to spare?! Donate Steem or SBD directly to the steemdrive Steem account or use to convert from other crypto.

Donations of 200 USD equivalent or more in crypto, made in the first 5 days will have their Steem account mentioned in the post in the Sponsor and Donations sections below. Businesses or projects who donate this amount or greater may send us a memo to the steemdrive Steem account with a hyperlink to their logo they wish us to display.

We are looking for longterm sponsors, please send us a memo if you are interested.


In association with @buildteam, sponsoring a huge Steemvoter Guild Vote

Sponsoring a 100% @smartsteem bot upvote!

Sponsoring a 100% @adsactly upvote!


@thecryptodrive - 200 Steem

@cryptomancer - 200 Steem

@reggaemuffin - 200 Steem

Terms and Conditions

@steemdrive will retain 25% of the total post, comment and donation rewards as facilitation fees and to reward the liaison team and billboard artists. Steem Power earned on these posts will be powered down and the balance after the deduction of fees will be retained for future campaign kickstarts.

@steemdrive reserves the right to hold additional campaigns should insufficient funds be raised.

Should surplus funds be raised, at the discretion of the team, additional billboards depicted in this campaign will be ordered and/or the campaign flight time extended; if a surplus still remains, @steemdrive may at its discretion procure other advertising and media exposure or retain the surplus for future crowdfunds.

@steemdrive reserves the right to substitute billboard locations according to availability at the time of order.

@steemdrive reserves the right to amend these terms and conditions at any time without notice to suit its operational needs.

WARNING: Do not vote any other billboard campaigns other than those posted on the @steemdrive account, historically copy-cats created similar campaigns to defraud users which never actually came to fruition. This campaign is guaranteed by @thecryptodrive (Top 20 Steem witness).

Do not vote on comments which try to solicit billboard selection votes, other than official comments from the @steemdrive account.


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