Mount Eagle, this week on #BeerSaturday

Mount Eagle

Here I am again for a new episode of my beer opinions in #BeerSaturday.
No more beers from the Crafty Brewing Company, exclusively produced for Lidl, but let’s stay a little longer at this same supermarket, where I tried to find some more treasures….

This week I got attracted by the Eagle on this American Style Lager, called Mount Eagle. Everything would make me think this beer would be an American Beer – the can, the Eagle, the name and of course that’s an American style Lager – but being sold in a German supermarket chain, one could think as well it’s a German beer. And it is, because even on the back of the can we can see that it’s made for and distributed by Lidl UK and Lidl Ireland, after some research I found out that it has been produced by Privatbrauerei Eichbaum. Sounds German enough? It is, Privatbrauerei Eichbaum is located in Mannheim.

Since I can be sure it’s a Lager and with 4,3% it will be a Lager which is low on alcohol, I decided to go for a glass which I’d drink a Spanish lager from (also in Italy this kind of glasses is often used for a lager e.g. Moretti and in Portugal e.g. Sagres. This was the right choice. I could as well have gone for the Carlsberg glass but i was a bit afraid that the beer would have a taste that I wouldn’t like and that would be entering in the nose first with the Carlsberg glass.

In the end the Mount Eagle is a lager without any surprising or exciting flavour (very slightly hoppy), so a beer I’d drink ice cold after sports (ohhh I shouldn’t drink beer after sports, I know, but sometimes it’s stronger than me) or at the beach. People are mentioning corn (thank God I didn’t taste that) and flower notes (People with a very subtile nose i guess), I couldn’t detect these flavours in this beer.

The nice looking foam disappeared quite quickly but not quicker than most other and similar lagers. I had to drink it quickly and / or keep on pouring when I wanted to drink this beer with some foam, but that’s not a problem because the beer is meant to be drunken quickly while it’s cold. Would I drink it again if someone offers it to me? Yes, but only when it’s ice cold and preferrably in a glass like I’ve showed you. Would I buy it again? Probably not. (I'd like to drink aware)

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