Art Talk: "Felt is a happy fabric."

"Felt is a happy fabric."

This is a quote from Fiber Artist Xander Griffith. 1

This Christmas I am spending time with my family in Oregon. See I'm dreaming of a White Christmas post for some beautiful snow shots. While on my layover in the Portland airport I came across this really amazing art form- Fiber Art by a local (Washington) artist Xander Giffith.

I have spent a good amount of time in the Portland Airport (lots of layovers) and I have to say I am quite impressed that the B concourse is a rotating art gallery. Way to go Portland! This time I was super impressed with this felt art by Xander Griffith.

People don't go to an airport to see art. But under the Portland International Airport's new art coordinator, Wendy Given, a rotating art program is bringing museum-quality shows to millions of travelers every year. 2

Artist Statement by Xander Griffith

Through the soft warmth of felt, I can convey a look and composition that gives honor to my subject matter. My viewpoint is centered on a specific story that is filtered through modern impressionism. With an abundance of colors and combinations, my simplistic of stories can have the most complicated color journey. Hand crafted and irregular, every point or shape is totally unique, giving credence to the chaotic symmetry of man and nature. 3

You can see the texture in all the works of art.

Look at the detail!

His subject is predominately nature from the Pacific Northwest.

I have to say I have a new artist I am going to watch. If you would like to see Xander here is a video of him and his exhibition at the Portland Airport.

1 Video of Xander Griffith
2 The Oregonian Article
3 Artist Statement

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