My school security


Hi fams good morning, today have brought a captivating drawing of my school officer the school security who possessed good quality and humanity my most favorite security officer. I called him F.M. means Femi.

Here he is today again well neat and well kitted in his uniform as always along with horse power bicycle to perform his excellent duties by checking with his relentless bicycle around and stay alert at all times. He patrols often work at night or during off-peak hours even at times when most people relax, he used to be on the lookout throughout the fullness of his shift to make sure no one enters a faculty.
He communicate clearly and appropriately with different students both newbies and the old ones.
I noticed he used fill out reports at the end of his shift, with good writing abilities make it much easier for the next officer who’s taking over to understand what occurred while they were away.
That's my security i give him 💯
Down to the drawing it was quite challenging along with the bicycle the most hard part for me his the bicycle balance watching the proportion together with the man on it. Its was quite a tough one.

Am really thrilled with the end result that it came out fine especially with the mood and its position.

Bellow are my proof of ownership and stages.






Thanks for stopping by love you all.

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