Natural Medicine

Celebrating & Rewarding Natural Health. Rewarding with HIVE and LOTUS. WWW.NATURALMEDICINE.IO

Natural Medicine is the first and original collective on HIVE focussed on all things natural health. It rewards both in HIVE and also with LOTUS, a social coin for enthusiasts of natural health - from herbalism and essential oils, to food as medicine, meditation and spirituality, as well as the relationship of human beings to the natural world through wild-crafting, permaculture and other 'healthy' earth centred practices.

Earn LOTUS by having it staked, and try posting and curating on our front end,

Please do not tag #naturalmedicine content that is simply 'going for a walk' or describing nature.

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- Be kind!

- Write original content and/or source your external sources. Plagiarists will be warned, but if the behaviour continues, we will report you to Hive Watchers.

- Delegators to community appreciated and will be given vote preferences for #naturalmedicine content, as well as tips and having chance to win 5 percent post beneficiary in FOUR of our weekly curations.

- Follow our reblog account @uplotus - great posts in this community will be reblogged to @uplotus and @naturalmedicine accounts for chance for further rewards.

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- Please engage in community by commenting on the #naturalmedicine posts of others - we love to hear from you!

- Clear photographs and well edited posts appreciated.

- Have fun!

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