A community embracing the creative, entertaining and exploratory aspects of life - From fashion, design and décor, to food, travel, technology, mindset and wellness. It is a space for sharing information, experience and opinion on the above topics. Be it a restaurant or venue review, product unboxing, insight into upcoming fashion or make-up trends, exciting technological developments, décor tips, advice and more.

For a brief outline of the content considered appropriate for this community, please refer to examples below - but please note it is not limited to these, they are simply a guide for better clarity.

• Product / venue / restaurant reviews & news

• Product unboxing

• Fashion / Decor / Design insights, tips, trends & news

• Mindset / Wellness posts incl. motivational and inspirational content

• Upcoming trends in all the above mentioned niches

• Tried & tested blogs

• Food and health news, tips & info

• Informative Spontaneous photo shares (NB: Read criteria in rules below)


- • Blog professionalism is encouraged

- • Visual creativity and aesthetic presentation is encouraged

- • ZERO tolerance for plagiarism

- • All sources to be credited

- • Content not suitable to the community will be hidden

- • Photo shares which capture a specific moment in time (a night out, dinner with friends, a venue visited, a new outfit purchased etc.) should include NO LESS than 3 photos as well as a minimum of 100 words which pertain to the product / experience / place and add value to the sharing of the images in the first place. ie. The name of the restaurant, where it is located, was the meal you shared in the pics good? If it is a new outfit, tell us where you got it, what other stuff do they sell, add a link to their website etc.

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